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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Wolfe compare Kesey and the Pranksters to?
(a) A CEO and his staff
(b) A lead singer and his band
(c) An anchorman and his reporters
(d) A religious leader and his followers

2. Why does Kesey annoy many of the people who visit La Honda?
(a) He never turns the heat on
(b) He is very controlling
(c) He never has anything for them to eat
(d) He never says anything, just lets things happen

3. Where does Kesey go to do graduate work?
(a) Yale
(b) Stanford
(c) Columbia
(d) Berkeley

4. How do Kesey and his crew travel?
(a) In a group of motorcycles
(b) In a station wagon
(c) In an RV
(d) In a wildly painted 1939 international Harvester school bus

5. Kesey says some people are good at understanding themselves but not:
(a) The Greater Whole
(b) The government
(c) Their parents
(d) Their pets

Short Answer Questions

1. What drew the Hell's Angels to the Kesey?

2. Where was Kesey born and raised?

3. What famous literary figures show up at the Pranksters' party in New York?

4. Do Kesey and the crew talk much about the experience on the bus?

5. What famous actress does Doris Delay resemble?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the state of mind and general condition that leads Sandy to take the Unauthorized Acid:

2. What do the Pranksters believe about people living the 'straight life?'

3. How are the Pranksters and the Angels similar? How are they different?

4. What is the final disappointment the Pranksters experience at Millbrook?

5. How do the Pranksters view the Beauty Witch's descent into madness?

6. Why do outsiders want to get in with the Pranksters?

7. Who is the subject of this book and why does Wolfe want to write about him?

8. By the end of the Unitarian conference, the younger Unitarians are so taken with the Pranksters, what do they do?

9. What happens to Perry Lane in July 1963?

10. Why does Kesey refuse to tell people that they should STOP taking LSD?

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