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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Kesey and his cohorts wear?
(a) Black overalls
(b) Overalls with pieces of the American flag sewn into them
(c) White painter's overalls
(d) Colorful aprons

2. What happens after the bust on La Honda?
(a) Kesey and Page Browning are charged with pot possession and the Pranksters' popularity increases
(b) The government seizes the land and imprisons the group
(c) Kesey is charged with tax fraud and is taken into custody
(d) The Pranksters's popularity plummets

3. What do the Pransters call Kesey?
(a) President
(b) CEO
(c) His holiness
(d) Chief

4. What does Kenneth Babbs introduce to the new Kesey colony?
(a) Fine cuisine
(b) Jokes
(c) Pranks
(d) Asian novels

5. Do the the Merry Pranksters invite or include all LSD users?
(a) Yes, but only on Saturdays
(b) It's hard to say because they have no rules
(c) Of course
(d) No

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name that Kesey gives his group?

2. What does Goldhill urge Kesey to stop telling people?

3. When Kesey returns to SF from jail, what does he see and describes to Wolfe?

4. What do people start to call Kesey's La Honda home?

5. How do Kesey and his crew travel?

Short Essay Questions

1. Do you think Sandy would have stayed with the Pranksters if he hadn't had a bad trip?

2. Why do you think Babbs moves the acid tests to Los Angeles?

3. Following the success of the Trips Festival, what does Bill Graham do?

4. Why did the Pranksters and their followers fall apart after Kesey's trial?

5. What do the Pranksters believe about people living the 'straight life?'

6. Who is the subject of this book and why does Wolfe want to write about him?

7. Is it ironic that Kesey goes to the U.S. Consulate, isn't ironic and even gets money from one of the staff?

8. Once again we see how Kesey controls the group. Describe how he does it this time at Muir Beach?

9. What starts to annoy the other Pranksters about Kesey at this point in their story?

10. Wolfe writes, "To Kesey, it was a hopeless flea-bitten desert he was fleeing into." What are some of the other descriptions Kesey uses to portray Mexico?

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