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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What causes the Red Tide?
(a) Whale blood
(b) An explosion of Plankton growth
(c) Too much plant fertilizer
(d) Octopus blood

2. Do all of the Pranksters think giving out laced Kool-Aid without telling people is a good idea?
(a) They don't care because people will try it anyway
(b) They don't comment on that
(c) Yes
(d) No

3. What does Owsley make?
(a) DMT
(b) Sound systems
(c) LSD
(d) Film editing equipment

4. Why is Kesey planning to go to Mexico?
(a) To escape incarceration
(b) He thinks he can start a Mexican Pranksters
(c) He's tired of living in his own country
(d) He's always been interested in Mexican culture

5. What is Kesey's alias in Guadalajara?
(a) Guadalupe
(b) Diablo, or the Devil
(c) Sol Almande, or Salamander
(d) Jerry Garcia

6. Do the Grateful Dead agree to play at this big party?
(a) Yes but they decide not to show up
(b) They never receive a formal invitation
(c) No, they're under contract to play elsewhere
(d) They're not a band yet

7. According to Wolfe, who in three years time will film an LSD bus trip through England?
(a) Babbs
(b) Timothy Leary
(c) The Beatles
(d) The Rolling Stones

8. Who invites Kesey to speak at an anti-war rally at Berkeley?
(a) The Trustees of Berkeley University
(b) The U.S. President
(c) Some obscure group whose name is never revealed
(d) The Vietnam Day Committee

9. Who did Black Maria originally follow to Mexico?
(a) Jim Fish
(b) Zonk
(c) Mountain Girl
(d) Kesey

10. What has San Francisco State University become?
(a) The Harvard of the west
(b) The acid heads' true universitas
(c) The pot capital of the west
(d) The Yale of the west

11. Where do the Pranksters agree to make a secret rendez-vous in Mexico?
(a) Guadalajara
(b) Tijuana
(c) Mazatlan
(d) Mexico City

12. How does Kesey avoid getting arrested on his way to the university test?
(a) He dresses in drag
(b) He gets the Hell's Angels to escort him
(c) He wears a very long wig
(d) He dresses like a space pilot

13. What is the slogan that the Pranksters use?
(a) Can you pass the acid test?
(b) It's not as bad as you think.
(c) We're doing it. Everyone should.
(d) Are you experienced?

14. Back in Manzanillo, who sits in jail?
(a) Hagen and Ram Rod
(b) A bunch of Kesey devotees
(c) Babbs and Zonker
(d) Mountain Girl and Black Maria

15. What three events occur in this chapter?
(a) Mountain Girl flees to Mexico, Kesey turns himself over, and Sandy writes a tell-all book
(b) Mountain Girl starts her own group, Sandy starts his and Kesey makes no changes
(c) Mountain Girl goes to New York, Sandy returns to New York and Kesey's heading for Mexico
(d) Keseys sells the bus, heads for Mexico and starts a cult there

Short Answer Questions

1. Who takes over leadership while Kesey's in Mexico?

2. In an interview with the Chronicle, Kesey says he intends to:

3. Who prevents the Pranksters from holding Graduation at Winterland?

4. Does the officer come to the party?

5. Instead of fleeing, Kesey decides to:

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