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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the Probation Generation?
(a) A generation that believes prison is better than freedom
(b) It's a generation of kids who have been busted for pot possession and are all free on probation
(c) A generation that's on probation until it proves it's worthy of freedome
(d) A generation of kids refusing to do anything that will get them in trouble

2. There is no greater calamity than the Red Tide in Manzanillo except:
(a) The Mexican Federales
(b) The FBI
(c) The Touristas
(d) The American Crazies

3. What confuses the cops about the LSD "crazies"?
(a) They're so thin
(b) They look like zombies
(c) They look so unhealthy, it's a miracle they're alive
(d) They look so healthy for people doing so much drugs

4. What do Kesey, Zonker and Hagen drive to the meeting point?
(a) An old car with no windows
(b) A Volkswagen bus
(c) A pickup truck
(d) A Ford Mustang

5. To what does Wolfe compare Kesey and the Acid Test?
(a) Joining the army
(b) Spreading the Word of Christianity
(c) Entrance exams in the Japanese education system
(d) The SAT

6. After his horrible trip, Owsley threatens to:
(a) Bring criminal charges against the Pranksters
(b) Cut off the Pranksters' LSD supply
(c) Make really bad LSD
(d) Call the police when Kesey goes on a trip

7. Who did Black Maria originally follow to Mexico?
(a) Kesey
(b) Mountain Girl
(c) Jim Fish
(d) Zonk

8. What stands at the center of the Hall at the Trips Festival?
(a) A massive statue of Kesey
(b) The Pranksters' Tower of Control
(c) A disco ball
(d) A small version of the National Monument

9. What was the cause of Cassady's death?
(a) Heart attack
(b) A broken heart
(c) A bar-room brawl
(d) It's not known

10. Who is coming to San Francisco in September 1965?
(a) The Yardbirds
(b) The Rolling Stones
(c) The Beatles
(d) Malcolm X

11. What makes the Jug Band freeze?
(a) The sight of Kesey and his harmonica
(b) A combination of tear gas and drugs they've taken
(c) A combination of tear gas and really cold weather
(d) A combination of tear gas and fear

12. What happens to Kesey on the rooftop of Stewart Brand's building in San Francisco?
(a) He falls off but doesn't get injured
(b) He asks Mountain Girl to marry him
(c) He gets arrested for possession of marijuana
(d) He wears an electric suit

13. Who takes over leadership while Kesey's in Mexico?
(a) Faye
(b) Zonker
(c) Mountain Girl
(d) Babbs

14. Who goes to Mexico with Kesey?
(a) Boise, Zonker and Jim Fish
(b) Sandy and Babbs
(c) Zonker and Babbs
(d) Mountain Girl and Jerry Garcia

15. What does Page discover?
(a) A Mexican journalist is watching them
(b) The Federales are willing to take LSD for their silence
(c) A Mexican undercover officer is watching the Pranksters
(d) Mexicans want to join the Pranksters

Short Answer Questions

1. Did Clair know what she was drinking when she went to the warehouse?

2. Who invites Kesey to speak at an anti-war rally at Berkeley?

3. How much does the Trips Festival gross in three days?

4. Where do Kesey and friends get their visas to Mexico?

5. What does Mountain Girl do after her trial?

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