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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Does Kesey give the Ampex to Sandy?
(a) Yes, but not right away
(b) No
(c) Kesey doesn't even know what an Ampex is
(d) Yes

2. Who 'fails' the acid test?
(a) Owsley, the famous LSD maker
(b) Babbs
(c) Freewheeling Frank
(d) Kesey

3. Why is Kesey planning to go to Mexico?
(a) He's always been interested in Mexican culture
(b) He thinks he can start a Mexican Pranksters
(c) To escape incarceration
(d) He's tired of living in his own country

4. How does one pass the acid test?
(a) They have to score 90 percent or more on the exit exam
(b) By taking LSD and not freaking out
(c) They have to get a job offer while tripping
(d) By taking DMT with LSD

5. What is the slogan that the Pranksters use?
(a) Can you pass the acid test?
(b) Are you experienced?
(c) We're doing it. Everyone should.
(d) It's not as bad as you think.

6. What is Richard Alpert's concern about the Pranksters?
(a) That they'll do something so outrageous they'll discredit the psychedelic movement
(b) They will get more attention for LSD than him
(c) That they are not wild enough
(d) They will discredit Stanford's writing program

7. What do Mexicans call the Pranksters?
(a) Saviors
(b) Diablo
(c) Guido
(d) Dinero

8. According to Wolfe, who in three years time will film an LSD bus trip through England?
(a) The Rolling Stones
(b) Babbs
(c) The Beatles
(d) Timothy Leary

9. Who followed Haugen to Mexico?
(a) His sister
(b) An angry ex-girlfriend
(c) Some beautiful deb
(d) His wife

10. What do Kesey, Zonker and Hagen drive to the meeting point?
(a) A Volkswagen bus
(b) A pickup truck
(c) An old car with no windows
(d) A Ford Mustang

11. What happens to Kesey on the rooftop of Stewart Brand's building in San Francisco?
(a) He gets arrested for possession of marijuana
(b) He asks Mountain Girl to marry him
(c) He wears an electric suit
(d) He falls off but doesn't get injured

12. Do the Pranksters believe in anti-war rallies?
(a) It depends on the war in question
(b) Yes
(c) No
(d) They are not political and unaware of wars

13. How does Kesey flee the Mexican authorities?
(a) He gets them to shut their eyes and he runs
(b) He gets permission to take a leak in a bush, then jumps on a train
(c) He gives them LSD
(d) He asks very politely

14. Who invites Kesey to speak at an anti-war rally at Berkeley?
(a) The Vietnam Day Committee
(b) Some obscure group whose name is never revealed
(c) The U.S. President
(d) The Trustees of Berkeley University

15. Where does Kesey get money?
(a) He works for a few days in a cafe
(b) The American Consulate
(c) He finds it on the streets
(d) The Chinese Consulate

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is coming to San Francisco in September 1965?

2. How much time does Kesey serve?

3. Where does Babbs move the Acid Test scene?

4. What identity does Kesey take to reenter the U.S.?

5. Kesey moves with his family to:

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