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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who do the Pranksters suspect is behind their bust on the way to Guadalajara?
(a) They have no idea
(b) Fayes father
(c) Kesey's father
(d) The father of Hagen's girlfriend

2. Did Clair know what she was drinking when she went to the warehouse?
(a) She had an idea but ignored it
(b) Yes, but she didn't care
(c) No
(d) She can't remember

3. What stands at the center of the Hall at the Trips Festival?
(a) A disco ball
(b) A small version of the National Monument
(c) A massive statue of Kesey
(d) The Pranksters' Tower of Control

4. Kesey decides he wants to turn the world onto LSD through:
(a) How-to Books
(b) A weekly newspaper column
(c) The Acid Test
(d) A bus tour

5. To what does Wolfe compare Kesey and the Acid Test?
(a) The SAT
(b) Joining the army
(c) Entrance exams in the Japanese education system
(d) Spreading the Word of Christianity

6. What makes the Jug Band freeze?
(a) A combination of tear gas and really cold weather
(b) The sight of Kesey and his harmonica
(c) A combination of tear gas and fear
(d) A combination of tear gas and drugs they've taken

7. What is Richard Alpert's concern about the Pranksters?
(a) They will discredit Stanford's writing program
(b) They will get more attention for LSD than him
(c) That they are not wild enough
(d) That they'll do something so outrageous they'll discredit the psychedelic movement

8. How does Kesey explain his philosophy about the war?
(a) He plays
(b) He says the only way to understand it is to trip on a lot of acid
(c) He stands on the stage and says nothing
(d) He plays

9. Who followed Haugen to Mexico?
(a) His sister
(b) Some beautiful deb
(c) An angry ex-girlfriend
(d) His wife

10. What does Mountain Girl do after her trial?
(a) She disappears to have her baby alone
(b) She joins some Pranksters and heads for Mexico
(c) She goes back to Poughkeepsie and has her baby
(d) She hooks up with Jerry Garcia

11. What has San Francisco State University become?
(a) The Harvard of the west
(b) The pot capital of the west
(c) The acid heads' true universitas
(d) The Yale of the west

12. What is Black Maria's real name?
(a) Maria de la Puente
(b) Carolyn Hannah
(c) Carol Sayer Bager
(d) Carolyn Johnson

13. What does Page discover?
(a) Mexicans want to join the Pranksters
(b) A Mexican journalist is watching them
(c) A Mexican undercover officer is watching the Pranksters
(d) The Federales are willing to take LSD for their silence

14. What confuses the cops about the LSD "crazies"?
(a) They look like zombies
(b) They look so healthy for people doing so much drugs
(c) They're so thin
(d) They look so unhealthy, it's a miracle they're alive

15. Kesey moves with his family to:
(a) Oregon
(b) Colorado
(c) Mexico
(d) Canada

Short Answer Questions

1. Does Kesey give the Ampex to Sandy?

2. What sign do the Pranksters put up at La Honda?

3. What happens to Kesey on the rooftop of Stewart Brand's building in San Francisco?

4. Who did Black Maria originally follow to Mexico?

5. At trial, what does the judge conclude about Kesey?

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