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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do the Pranksters get their money from?
(a) Faye in La Honda
(b) Kesey's brother in Oregon
(c) Kesey's parents in Oregon
(d) Kesey's lawyer in San Francisco

2. What do some Pranksters think of Babbs's leadership style?
(a) They think he's cool
(b) They think he's like the Dalai Lama
(c) They don't like it. It's Army style
(d) They think he's very much like Kesey

3. Who ordered a search of Puerto Vallarta after reports surfaced of Kesey's whereabouts?
(a) The CIA
(b) The FBI
(c) Chief Arturo Martinez Garza of the Mexican Federales
(d) The San Francisco police

4. In an interview with the Chronicle, Kesey says he intends to:
(a) Lose weight on a new LSD diet
(b) Stay in the U.S. as a fugitie, and as salt in J. Edgar Hoover's wounds
(c) Be the solution to J. Edgar Hoover's problems
(d) Run for Senate office

5. Who invites Kesey to speak at an anti-war rally at Berkeley?
(a) The Vietnam Day Committee
(b) The Trustees of Berkeley University
(c) Some obscure group whose name is never revealed
(d) The U.S. President

6. Did Clair know what she was drinking when she went to the warehouse?
(a) She can't remember
(b) She had an idea but ignored it
(c) No
(d) Yes, but she didn't care

7. What does Black Maria do that annoys everyone else?
(a) She sits on the beach with her back to everyone
(b) She speaks in Spanish
(c) She only talks to Kesey
(d) She hangs out with Mexicans on the beach

8. Where is Neal Cassady's body found?
(a) Next to the Warehouse
(b) Next to the Gas Station
(c) Beside a railroad track in Mexico
(d) In an alley and Haight-Ashbury

9. Who is coming to San Francisco in September 1965?
(a) Malcolm X
(b) The Yardbirds
(c) The Rolling Stones
(d) The Beatles

10. Do the Grateful Dead agree to play at this big party?
(a) They're not a band yet
(b) They never receive a formal invitation
(c) Yes but they decide not to show up
(d) No, they're under contract to play elsewhere

11. Kesey decides to return to the U.S. through what entry point?
(a) Tijuana
(b) New York
(c) Long Beach
(d) Brownsville, Texas

12. According to Wolfe, who in three years time will film an LSD bus trip through England?
(a) The Rolling Stones
(b) Timothy Leary
(c) Babbs
(d) The Beatles

13. How much does the Trips Festival gross in three days?
(a) Twelve thousand five hundred dollars
(b) Twelve hundred and five dollars
(c) Twelve dollars and five cents
(d) One hundred twenty five thousand dollars

14. Why are people disappointed in Kesey after the trial?
(a) They thought he was going to testify using a harmonica
(b) They think he sold out to avoid jail
(c) They think he's going to work for the government
(d) They discover he was a fraud

15. Do the Pranksters ever see each other again?
(a) They have a strict meeting date every year at Kesey's house
(b) From time to time they visit Kesey
(c) Four times a year, at the end of each quarter
(d) Never

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Kesey avoid getting arrested on his way to the university test?

2. Why is it necessary for Mountain Girl to go to Poughkeepsie?

3. What is Kesey's alias in Guadalajara?

4. What has San Francisco State University become?

5. Kesey decides he wants to turn the world onto LSD through:

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