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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Kesey planning to go to Mexico?
(a) He's tired of living in his own country
(b) To escape incarceration
(c) He's always been interested in Mexican culture
(d) He thinks he can start a Mexican Pranksters

2. Who did Black Maria originally follow to Mexico?
(a) Jim Fish
(b) Mountain Girl
(c) Zonk
(d) Kesey

3. If Kesey goes back to the U.S. he'll be imprisoned. What do the rest of the group have to look forward to?
(a) The Warehouse and the Gas station
(b) Nothing
(c) Being taken over by the Leary group
(d) Jobs and families

4. Does Kesey give the Ampex to Sandy?
(a) No
(b) Yes, but not right away
(c) Yes
(d) Kesey doesn't even know what an Ampex is

5. Where is the bus?
(a) Parked outside a bank in downtown San Francisco
(b) In a junkyard
(c) In a museum
(d) Parked outside Kesey's Oregon house

6. What causes the Red Tide?
(a) An explosion of Plankton growth
(b) Whale blood
(c) Too much plant fertilizer
(d) Octopus blood

7. What is Black Maria's real name?
(a) Carol Sayer Bager
(b) Maria de la Puente
(c) Carolyn Hannah
(d) Carolyn Johnson

8. Do the Pranksters believe in anti-war rallies?
(a) It depends on the war in question
(b) No
(c) Yes
(d) They are not political and unaware of wars

9. Who is coming to San Francisco in September 1965?
(a) The Rolling Stones
(b) Malcolm X
(c) The Beatles
(d) The Yardbirds

10. Who do the Pranksters suspect is behind their bust on the way to Guadalajara?
(a) Fayes father
(b) They have no idea
(c) The father of Hagen's girlfriend
(d) Kesey's father

11. What is the slogan that the Pranksters use?
(a) Can you pass the acid test?
(b) We're doing it. Everyone should.
(c) Are you experienced?
(d) It's not as bad as you think.

12. How does Mountain Girl appear in court?
(a) Very pregnant and in a very short red dress
(b) Pregnant in a loose-fitting dress
(c) Pregnant in a witch's outfit
(d) Slim, not visibly pregnant and in a long, covering dress

13. How does Wolfe describe Haight-Ashbury at this point in the story?
(a) A circus
(b) A carnival
(c) A rival for New York
(d) A center for culture and design

14. What is Kesey's alias in Guadalajara?
(a) Guadalupe
(b) Sol Almande, or Salamander
(c) Diablo, or the Devil
(d) Jerry Garcia

15. While briefly in jail, Kesey meets a kid with:
(a) Magic Fingernails
(b) A tail
(c) Magical powers
(d) A really bad temper

Short Answer Questions

1. Back in Manzanillo, who sits in jail?

2. What confuses the cops about the LSD "crazies"?

3. How does Kesey avoid getting arrested on his way to the university test?

4. According to Wolfe, who in three years time will film an LSD bus trip through England?

5. What stands at the center of the Hall at the Trips Festival?

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