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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do people go to Kesey's property after the Concert?
(a) Rumors circulate that the Beatles will be there after their concert
(b) They want to witness a John Lennon-Ken Kesey meeting
(c) They have nowhere else to go
(d) Rumors circulate that the Pranksters are giving away LSD

2. What is Black Maria's real name?
(a) Carolyn Hannah
(b) Carol Sayer Bager
(c) Maria de la Puente
(d) Carolyn Johnson

3. Why is it necessary for Mountain Girl to go to Poughkeepsie?
(a) She's pregnant and can't be around the Pranksters
(b) She is accepted to Vassar College
(c) She needs to take care of her parents
(d) She suddenly misses her hometown

4. To whom does Kesey compare Paul Jacobs, one of the previous speakers?
(a) Mussolini
(b) General Tojo
(c) Ron L. Hubbard
(d) Hitler

5. How does one pass the acid test?
(a) By taking LSD and not freaking out
(b) By taking DMT with LSD
(c) They have to score 90 percent or more on the exit exam
(d) They have to get a job offer while tripping

6. While briefly in jail, Kesey meets a kid with:
(a) Magic Fingernails
(b) A really bad temper
(c) Magical powers
(d) A tail

7. Who gives a first-hand account of the Kool-Aid Acid Test?
(a) Clair Brush, a journalist
(b) The Blair Witch guy
(c) Clarence Brush, a novelist
(d) Clair Danes, an actress

8. What is Kesey's alias in Guadalajara?
(a) Diablo, or the Devil
(b) Sol Almande, or Salamander
(c) Guadalupe
(d) Jerry Garcia

9. What does Mountain Girl do after her trial?
(a) She hooks up with Jerry Garcia
(b) She joins some Pranksters and heads for Mexico
(c) She goes back to Poughkeepsie and has her baby
(d) She disappears to have her baby alone

10. Kesey moves with his family to:
(a) Mexico
(b) Canada
(c) Colorado
(d) Oregon

11. Where do the Pranksters agree to make a secret rendez-vous in Mexico?
(a) Mazatlan
(b) Guadalajara
(c) Mexico City
(d) Tijuana

12. Who is coming to San Francisco in September 1965?
(a) The Beatles
(b) The Yardbirds
(c) The Rolling Stones
(d) Malcolm X

13. Back in Manzanillo, who sits in jail?
(a) Mountain Girl and Black Maria
(b) Babbs and Zonker
(c) A bunch of Kesey devotees
(d) Hagen and Ram Rod

14. Why are people disappointed in Kesey after the trial?
(a) They think he's going to work for the government
(b) They think he sold out to avoid jail
(c) They thought he was going to testify using a harmonica
(d) They discover he was a fraud

15. Do the Pranksters ever see each other again?
(a) Four times a year, at the end of each quarter
(b) From time to time they visit Kesey
(c) Never
(d) They have a strict meeting date every year at Kesey's house

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do the Pranksters get their money from?

2. What is the slogan that the Pranksters use?

3. In what format is this chapter written?

4. Who joints the second Acid Test party?

5. Where is the bus?

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