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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At trial, what does the judge conclude about Kesey?
(a) He's a dragon and very dangerous
(b) He's no dragon, just a jackass
(c) He's not a dragon but he is a wizard
(d) That Kesey will change the world

2. What sign do the Pranksters put up at La Honda?
(a) No Rock Bands Allowed on Premises
(b) The Merry Pranksters Welcome the Beatles
(c) The Merry Pranksters Prefer the Rolling Stones
(d) Coming Soon: The Beatles Test

3. How does Cassady drive the Mexican undercover officer away?
(a) He scares him with talk of the devil
(b) He punches him
(c) He yells at him
(d) He pitches a sledge hammer at him

4. Where does Babbs move the Acid Test scene?
(a) To Miami
(b) To Los Angeles
(c) To New York
(d) To Santa Barbara

5. Despite his odd behavior and paranoia, what does Black Maria think of Kesey?
(a) She thinks he would be a good politician
(b) He's the tallest man she's ever met
(c) He's the most magnetic person she's ever met
(d) He's the most unimaginative person she's ever met

6. Who followed Haugen to Mexico?
(a) Some beautiful deb
(b) His wife
(c) His sister
(d) An angry ex-girlfriend

7. Why do people go to Kesey's property after the Concert?
(a) Rumors circulate that the Beatles will be there after their concert
(b) They have nowhere else to go
(c) They want to witness a John Lennon-Ken Kesey meeting
(d) Rumors circulate that the Pranksters are giving away LSD

8. Who did Black Maria originally follow to Mexico?
(a) Kesey
(b) Mountain Girl
(c) Jim Fish
(d) Zonk

9. What was the cause of Cassady's death?
(a) A bar-room brawl
(b) It's not known
(c) Heart attack
(d) A broken heart

10. Who ordered a search of Puerto Vallarta after reports surfaced of Kesey's whereabouts?
(a) Chief Arturo Martinez Garza of the Mexican Federales
(b) The San Francisco police
(c) The FBI
(d) The CIA

11. In an interview with the Chronicle, Kesey says he intends to:
(a) Stay in the U.S. as a fugitie, and as salt in J. Edgar Hoover's wounds
(b) Lose weight on a new LSD diet
(c) Be the solution to J. Edgar Hoover's problems
(d) Run for Senate office

12. What does Sandy want the Ampex for?
(a) He wants to use it for another project
(b) He wants to start a recording studio
(c) To raise money for his medical bills
(d) He doesn't like people using his equipment without him around

13. What does Kesey plan to do to wreck the psychedelic movement once and for all?
(a) Join the Grateful Dead
(b) Hold a drug-free party for the nation
(c) Hold an Acid Test Graduation on Halloween
(d) Denounce his past completely

14. To what does Wolfe compare Kesey and the Acid Test?
(a) Entrance exams in the Japanese education system
(b) Spreading the Word of Christianity
(c) Joining the army
(d) The SAT

15. How much time does Kesey serve?
(a) Five months on a working farm
(b) Five months under house arrest
(c) Six months in a maximum security prison
(d) Five weeks in solitary confinement

Short Answer Questions

1. To whom does Kesey compare Paul Jacobs, one of the previous speakers?

2. What is Richard Alpert's concern about the Pranksters?

3. How much does the Trips Festival gross in three days?

4. What three events occur in this chapter?

5. Who takes over leadership while Kesey's in Mexico?

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