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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After doing a lot of talking, Kesey emerges from the bus with what on his face?
(a) The sign of the cross over his forehead
(b) Day Glo paint
(c) A huge swath of adhesive tape over his mouth
(d) Women's makeup

2. How long does the Pranksters-Angels party last?
(a) Two days
(b) Two hours
(c) Two months
(d) Two weeks

3. Where have Kesey and the Pranksters moved to?
(a) La Honda, California
(b) La Jolla, California
(c) Seattle, Washington
(d) Santa Barbara, California

4. What happens after the bust on La Honda?
(a) Kesey is charged with tax fraud and is taken into custody
(b) The Pranksters's popularity plummets
(c) The government seizes the land and imprisons the group
(d) Kesey and Page Browning are charged with pot possession and the Pranksters' popularity increases

5. According to the author, what was the original intent of the trip?
(a) To see who could drive best under the influence of LSD
(b) To get to New York as cheaply as possible
(c) To see who could drive the bus best
(d) It was a great bursting out of La Honda into an unsuspecting America.

6. Where does Babbs place his writing in the warehouse?
(a) In the closet
(b) Under a bed
(c) In a box in the middle of the floor.
(d) In Kesey's belongings

7. How was Kesey's novel received?
(a) Mixed reviews
(b) Not well at all
(c) Very well
(d) No one read it because it was never published

8. What do the Pranksters call their trip to Millbrook?
(a) The New York finale
(b) The Leary Trip
(c) The Millbrook Test
(d) The Crypt Trip

9. What does Kenneth Babbs introduce to the new Kesey colony?
(a) Jokes
(b) Asian novels
(c) Fine cuisine
(d) Pranks

10. What drew the Hell's Angels to the Kesey?
(a) His comformist philosophy
(b) His good looks
(c) The marijuana charges against him
(d) His very expensive house

11. When Wolfe enters the Warehouse, he mentions a banner that says:
(a) Acid Test Graduation
(b) Cops Should Try This
(c) Outsiders Welcome
(d) Outsiders Graduate after Pranksters

12. Who are the Young Turks?
(a) Three Nuns from Turkey
(b) Three Unitarian Ministers who attended the Pranksters-Angels party
(c) Three maverick business people
(d) Three young students from Turkey

13. Where does the author Tom Wolfe first meet Kesey?
(a) In the psych ward
(b) In prison
(c) In a library
(d) In a coffee shop

14. What is the Bladder Totem?
(a) A native American talisman
(b) A talisman that looks like a bladder
(c) A bathroom key attached to a gas can
(d) A pole that helps open the bathroom door

15. Through a long quote by Joachim Wach, how does the author describe Kesey and company?
(a) Insufferable and stupid
(b) As a group that has, for the most part, broken away from mainstream society
(c) Interesting but he questions why he's writing a book about them
(d) As a group that functions better than most families

Short Answer Questions

1. What drink is in the bus fridge and laced with LSD?

2. Why does Kesey annoy many of the people who visit La Honda?

3. Kesey, while working as a night attendant in psych ward writes what famous novel?

4. Kesey says some people are good at understanding themselves but not:

5. How does Wolfe describe Cassady?

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