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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What famous actress does Doris Delay resemble?
(a) Doris Roberts
(b) Delores Johnson
(c) Doris Day
(d) Dorothy Dandridge

2. What do the Pranksters believe about people living the "straight" life?
(a) They play high-tech games that they don't understand
(b) They are good people but not interesting
(c) They are involved in games and not conscious of them
(d) They pretend they are smart and they are not

3. What is "Tootling the Multitudes?"
(a) To play people like they were music
(b) Serenading unsuspecting women
(c) Telling the common folk that they were pretty cool
(d) Singing Broadway songs to people who can't afford show tickets

4. What does Wolfe compare to the Pranksters?
(a) A polygamist cult
(b) The Federal government
(c) The Army
(d) A massive psychological encounter group

5. What does MDT stand for?
(a) Make Doughnuts Today
(b) Most Delightful Trip
(c) Most Disgusting Trip
(d) My Day Tripper

6. How do Kesey and his crew travel?
(a) In a group of motorcycles
(b) In a wildly painted 1939 international Harvester school bus
(c) In a station wagon
(d) In an RV

7. What happens when the Pranksters arrive at the seven-day Unitarian Conference?
(a) They discover they like organized religion
(b) They are popular with everyone
(c) They offend everyone
(d) They offend the older Unitarians and intrigue the younger ones.

8. What famous literary figures show up at the Pranksters' party in New York?
(a) John le Carre and Joseph Heller
(b) Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald
(c) Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg
(d) Alexandre Dumas and Charles Dickens

9. Why is Neal Cassady well-known?
(a) Jack Kerouac based a character on him in On the Road.
(b) He is Jack Kerouac's brother
(c) He is a rock star
(d) He is a famous author

10. Why does Kesey decide to leave Millbrook?
(a) He doesn't like the climate
(b) There's no parking space for the bus
(c) He misses California and feels homesick
(d) He gets a cool reception and finds he has little in common with the Leary Group

11. What is a rule that Kesey establishes for travel?
(a) That if someone is angry, just ignore them
(b) Nobody's allowed to say what they really mean
(c) Nobody's allowed to get angry with anyone else no matter what
(d) That there are no rules

12. Do outsiders have any interest in joining the Pranksters?
(a) No, absolutely not
(b) On a very conditional basis
(c) No one knows because it's against the law to talk about them
(d) Yes

13. What does Kesey have enameled on one of his teeth?
(a) His wife's face
(b) The Flag of the Merry Pranksters
(c) His birthdate
(d) The American flag

14. What kind of shoes do the Pranksters hate the most?
(a) Unshined shoes
(b) Black Shiny Shoes
(c) Black Matte Shoes
(d) High-heeled shoes

15. What is the difference between the drug culture of the early '60s and the late '60s?
(a) The early '60s drug culture was attached to civil rights
(b) There was no early '60s drug culture
(c) There was no difference
(d) The late '60s drug culture included electricity

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Babbs place his writing in the warehouse?

2. What is the Leary group's view of the Pranksters?

3. Does Kesey believe that experiencing things in the present is really possible?

4. Describe some of the young women who join the Pranksters on the bus.

5. What is Ken Kesey's profession?

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