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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As the conference progresses, what becomes more interesting to Kesey?
(a) The phenomenon of Control
(b) The older Unitarians
(c) The sacraments
(d) The need for religion in his life

2. What famous literary figures show up at the Pranksters' party in New York?
(a) Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg
(b) Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald
(c) John le Carre and Joseph Heller
(d) Alexandre Dumas and Charles Dickens

3. What are some of the regular features of life at La Honda?
(a) Day Glo paint on everything, Friday night dinners
(b) Arm wrestling on Wednesdays
(c) LSD-laced prayer sessions at sunrise
(d) Yoga classes three times a week to stay healthy

4. What does Goldhill urge Kesey to stop telling people?
(a) That legislation is needed to prohibit LSD
(b) That they should cease use of LSD
(c) That LSD isn't good for kids
(d) That he's actually Timothy Leary

5. What literary form opens this chapter?
(a) A bible verse
(b) A Walter Cronkite comment
(c) The lyrics of a Jimi Hendrix song
(d) A poem

6. Kesey says he wants everyone to do their thing and be Pranksters, but he also wants them to be:
(a) Crazy
(b) Competitive
(c) Charming
(d) Competetent

7. What does Kesey say happened to him in Mexico?
(a) He slept a lot and felt better not taking drugs
(b) He drank Sangria and was struck by lightning
(c) He found an old electric suit that reminded him of Elvis Presley
(d) That when he took acid in Manzanillo, he was struck by lightning suddenly had a second skin, like an electric suit

8. What do people start to call Kesey's La Honda home?
(a) A shack in the mountainside
(b) The Forbidden City of the West with Kesey as Emperor
(c) Windsor Castle with Kesey as the Prince of Wales
(d) A kind of hill-country Versailles with Kesey as Sun-King

9. How does Zonker save himself in the water when he's surrounded by suspicious black men?
(a) He swims quickly to shore without saying a thing
(b) He offers to give them all rides home
(c) He smiles a long drug-induced smile that wins them over
(d) He offers them free drugs

10. What does Wolfe compare to the Pranksters?
(a) The Army
(b) A massive psychological encounter group
(c) The Federal government
(d) A polygamist cult

11. Who is Sonny Barger?
(a) The president of the Hell's Angels, famous from the Hunter S. Thompson book
(b) Sandy's cousin
(c) A cousin of Sonny Bono the singer
(d) A novelist and motorcycle enthusiast

12. Do the the Merry Pranksters invite or include all LSD users?
(a) Yes, but only on Saturdays
(b) No
(c) Of course
(d) It's hard to say because they have no rules

13. Who were the main figures on Perry Lane?
(a) Robin Givens and Gwen Stefani, entertainers
(b) Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg
(c) Robert Redford and Paul Newman
(d) Robin White and Gwen Davis, novelists

14. What is the difference between the drug culture of the early '60s and the late '60s?
(a) The early '60s drug culture was attached to civil rights
(b) The late '60s drug culture included electricity
(c) There was no difference
(d) There was no early '60s drug culture

15. Kesey, while working as a night attendant in psych ward writes what famous novel?
(a) The Assassin
(b) What to Expect when You're Expecting
(c) Catch-22
(d) One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Short Answer Questions

1. Describe some of the young women who join the Pranksters on the bus.

2. What do the Pranksters do ahead of the arrival of the police?

3. How do Kesey and his crew travel?

4. What is the name that Kesey gives his group?

5. What do the Pranksters introduce to the Angels?

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