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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cassady do when driving over the Blue Ridge Mountains?
(a) He sings opera very loudly
(b) He doesn't use the brakes
(c) He doesn't put his hands on the wheel
(d) He doesn't use the lights

2. Does Kesey get to meet Leary?
(a) They pass each other in the hallway but can't talk
(b) In a spiritual way, yes
(c) No
(d) Yes, and they get along well

3. Who do the Pranksters invite to La Honda?
(a) The Leary group
(b) Forty Hell's Angels
(c) Angelic Children
(d) Reporters

4. Why does Kesey decide to leave Millbrook?
(a) He gets a cool reception and finds he has little in common with the Leary Group
(b) He misses California and feels homesick
(c) He doesn't like the climate
(d) There's no parking space for the bus

5. What does Goldhill urge Kesey to stop telling people?
(a) That legislation is needed to prohibit LSD
(b) That he's actually Timothy Leary
(c) That they should cease use of LSD
(d) That LSD isn't good for kids

6. What do the Pransters call Kesey?
(a) President
(b) Chief
(c) His holiness
(d) CEO

7. Kesey says he wants everyone to do their thing and be Pranksters, but he also wants them to be:
(a) Competetent
(b) Charming
(c) Competitive
(d) Crazy

8. When Kesey returns to SF from jail, what does he see and describes to Wolfe?
(a) He describes how San Francisco has slipped into sleaze and poverty
(b) He sees a city flourishing with life and wealth
(c) He sees a city that looks more and more like Los Angeles
(d) He sees a city that looks like New York

9. Where do the Pranksters go to meet Leary?
(a) Queens, New York
(b) Millbrook, New York
(c) Ithica, New York
(d) Poughkeepsie, New York

10. How do Kesey and his crew travel?
(a) In an RV
(b) In a station wagon
(c) In a wildly painted 1939 international Harvester school bus
(d) In a group of motorcycles

11. What do the Pranksters learn at a beach in New Orleans?
(a) That it's segregated and for Blacks only
(b) It's polluted and will make them sick
(c) They will have to make the rest of the trip on foot
(d) That they thought they were in Alabama

12. What does Kesey have enameled on one of his teeth?
(a) His wife's face
(b) The American flag
(c) His birthdate
(d) The Flag of the Merry Pranksters

13. What do Kesey and his cohorts wear?
(a) Overalls with pieces of the American flag sewn into them
(b) Colorful aprons
(c) Black overalls
(d) White painter's overalls

14. What kind of shoes do the Pranksters hate the most?
(a) Unshined shoes
(b) Black Shiny Shoes
(c) High-heeled shoes
(d) Black Matte Shoes

15. What keeps the Pranksters together?
(a) Belief in the health insurance systems
(b) Ken Kesey, drug use, and common beliefs about society
(c) Money
(d) Poverty

Short Answer Questions

1. Who were the main figures on Perry Lane?

2. What does Wolfe compare Kesey and the Pranksters to?

3. What is the cause of Sandy's disturbing hallucinations?

4. According to the author, what was the original intent of the trip?

5. Freewheeling Frank is a:

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