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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kesey discover at Stanford that changes the course of his life?
(a) Sleeping pills
(b) LSD
(c) Marijuana
(d) Honey

2. What literary form opens this chapter?
(a) A poem
(b) A bible verse
(c) The lyrics of a Jimi Hendrix song
(d) A Walter Cronkite comment

3. Where do the Pranksters go to meet Leary?
(a) Ithica, New York
(b) Queens, New York
(c) Poughkeepsie, New York
(d) Millbrook, New York

4. Kesey says some people are good at understanding themselves but not:
(a) The government
(b) Their pets
(c) Their parents
(d) The Greater Whole

5. What is Ken Kesey's profession?
(a) Journalist
(b) He has no profession
(c) Writer
(d) Television show host.

6. What does Goldhill urge Kesey to stop telling people?
(a) That LSD isn't good for kids
(b) That they should cease use of LSD
(c) That legislation is needed to prohibit LSD
(d) That he's actually Timothy Leary

7. What does Wolfe find distracting about Hassler?
(a) He is completely silent
(b) He's incredibly handsome
(c) His plastic toothbrush case in his shirt pocket
(d) He twitches his eyes constantly without a reason

8. What drink is in the bus fridge and laced with LSD?
(a) Cranberry Juice
(b) Vodka
(c) Water
(d) Orange Juice

9. Why does Kesey decide to leave Millbrook?
(a) There's no parking space for the bus
(b) He doesn't like the climate
(c) He misses California and feels homesick
(d) He gets a cool reception and finds he has little in common with the Leary Group

10. What does Cassady do when driving over the Blue Ridge Mountains?
(a) He doesn't use the brakes
(b) He sings opera very loudly
(c) He doesn't put his hands on the wheel
(d) He doesn't use the lights

11. What does Kesey say happened to him in Mexico?
(a) That when he took acid in Manzanillo, he was struck by lightning suddenly had a second skin, like an electric suit
(b) He drank Sangria and was struck by lightning
(c) He slept a lot and felt better not taking drugs
(d) He found an old electric suit that reminded him of Elvis Presley

12. Sandy believes that Kesey is most interested in the forest as:
(a) A fantastic stage setting where everyday would be a happening as an art form
(b) A mysterious place where dreams would be interpreted in a natural way
(c) A source of heating material
(d) A source of paper for his writing

13. Where have Kesey and the Pranksters moved to?
(a) Santa Barbara, California
(b) La Jolla, California
(c) Seattle, Washington
(d) La Honda, California

14. Does Kesey believe that experiencing things in the present is really possible?
(a) Absolutely. He thinks he's living proof of living in the present
(b) He's still unsure because the drugs haven't kicked in
(c) He doesn't really care so long as he's having a good time
(d) No, because our senses have a time lag

15. Why is Neal Cassady well-known?
(a) Jack Kerouac based a character on him in On the Road.
(b) He is Jack Kerouac's brother
(c) He is a famous author
(d) He is a rock star

Short Answer Questions

1. What drew the Hell's Angels to the Kesey?

2. Where was Kesey born and raised?

3. Freewheeling Frank is a:

4. How do the young women at the conference react to Kesey?

5. What route do the Pranksters take back to California?

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