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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How was Kesey's novel received?
(a) Mixed reviews
(b) No one read it because it was never published
(c) Very well
(d) Not well at all

2. Where have Kesey and the Pranksters moved to?
(a) Seattle, Washington
(b) Santa Barbara, California
(c) La Jolla, California
(d) La Honda, California

3. Who is Gary Goldhill?
(a) A tourist curious to meet Kesey
(b) Kesey's equivalent in the U.K.
(c) An English songwriter
(d) An English reporter for the Oracle

4. What has the Vietnam vet Babbs written and shown to Wolfe?
(a) A letter from John McCain
(b) A gun
(c) A novel
(d) A picture of a Vietnamese war prison

5. What happens when the Pranksters arrive at the seven-day Unitarian Conference?
(a) They discover they like organized religion
(b) They offend the older Unitarians and intrigue the younger ones.
(c) They offend everyone
(d) They are popular with everyone

6. Through a long quote by Joachim Wach, how does the author describe Kesey and company?
(a) As a group that has, for the most part, broken away from mainstream society
(b) As a group that functions better than most families
(c) Insufferable and stupid
(d) Interesting but he questions why he's writing a book about them

7. What happens after the bust on La Honda?
(a) The Pranksters's popularity plummets
(b) Kesey and Page Browning are charged with pot possession and the Pranksters' popularity increases
(c) Kesey is charged with tax fraud and is taken into custody
(d) The government seizes the land and imprisons the group

8. Who are the Young Turks?
(a) Three maverick business people
(b) Three young students from Turkey
(c) Three Unitarian Ministers who attended the Pranksters-Angels party
(d) Three Nuns from Turkey

9. Do Kesey and the crew talk much about the experience on the bus?
(a) Yes, all the time
(b) No
(c) Only off-camera so no one knows what they're saying
(d) Only to Tom Wolfe but off-record

10. Does Kesey believe that experiencing things in the present is really possible?
(a) No, because our senses have a time lag
(b) He's still unsure because the drugs haven't kicked in
(c) He doesn't really care so long as he's having a good time
(d) Absolutely. He thinks he's living proof of living in the present

11. When Kesey returns to SF from jail, what does he see and describes to Wolfe?
(a) He sees a city flourishing with life and wealth
(b) He sees a city that looks more and more like Los Angeles
(c) He describes how San Francisco has slipped into sleaze and poverty
(d) He sees a city that looks like New York

12. Where do Kesey and the Pranksters go?
(a) Chicago
(b) Philadelphia
(c) Mexico City
(d) New York

13. What do the Pranksters introduce to the Angels?
(a) Guns and spears
(b) Morphine and Amphetamines
(c) LSD and DMT
(d) Orange Juice and Kool-Aid

14. What is the cause of Sandy's disturbing hallucinations?
(a) The LSD that the Learyites used
(b) Some cheap LSD he bought in New York
(c) Thoughts of the DMZ in Korea
(d) DMT, which he took at Millbrook

15. According to Wolfe, what do the La Honda citizens call the Kesey colony?
(a) Scholars
(b) Prophets
(c) Ninnies
(d) Junkies

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the Angels like about Allen Ginsburg?

2. Why is Neal Cassady well-known?

3. How does Wolfe describe Cassady?

4. What does Kesey say happened to him in Mexico?

5. Kesey says he wants everyone to do their thing and be Pranksters, but he also wants them to be:

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