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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the difference between the drug culture of the early '60s and the late '60s?
(a) The early '60s drug culture was attached to civil rights
(b) There was no difference
(c) There was no early '60s drug culture
(d) The late '60s drug culture included electricity

2. Where do the Merry Pranksters live?
(a) In a warehouse
(b) In a factory
(c) In a Victorian style house
(d) In a townhouse

3. Who is most likely to understand Kesey and the Merry Pranksters?
(a) Mick Jagger and the rest of the Rolling Stones
(b) Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement
(c) Timothy Leary and his League for Spiritual Discovery
(d) John F. Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline

4. Does the Pranksters' way of life strike the author as odd?
(a) Yes
(b) He doesn't care how they live
(c) He hasn't made up his mind
(d) No

5. What is the name that Kesey gives his group?
(a) The Leary Wannabes
(b) The Jolly Pranksters
(c) The Merry Politicians
(d) The Merry Pranksters

6. After doing a lot of talking, Kesey emerges from the bus with what on his face?
(a) Day Glo paint
(b) The sign of the cross over his forehead
(c) Women's makeup
(d) A huge swath of adhesive tape over his mouth

7. What does Goldhill urge Kesey to stop telling people?
(a) That LSD isn't good for kids
(b) That he's actually Timothy Leary
(c) That they should cease use of LSD
(d) That legislation is needed to prohibit LSD

8. According to the author, what was the original intent of the trip?
(a) To get to New York as cheaply as possible
(b) To see who could drive the bus best
(c) It was a great bursting out of La Honda into an unsuspecting America.
(d) To see who could drive best under the influence of LSD

9. How does Mountain Girl change as she spends more time as a Prankster?
(a) She becomes less interested in expressing herself and eventually becomes mute
(b) Yes. Mountain Girl, for example, loses weight, becomes very beautiful, and gains confidence expressing herself
(c) She gains a lot of weight, has trouble walking and sleeping
(d) She reads more books and writes a few novels

10. As the conference progresses, what becomes more interesting to Kesey?
(a) The sacraments
(b) The phenomenon of Control
(c) The need for religion in his life
(d) The older Unitarians

11. What has the Vietnam vet Babbs written and shown to Wolfe?
(a) A letter from John McCain
(b) A gun
(c) A picture of a Vietnamese war prison
(d) A novel

12. What famous actress does Doris Delay resemble?
(a) Doris Roberts
(b) Dorothy Dandridge
(c) Doris Day
(d) Delores Johnson

13. What does Norman Hartweg want to do with the Pranksters' film?
(a) Burn it so that it can't be used as evidence in a trial
(b) Edit it and write about it
(c) Keep it in a safe place for them
(d) Send it to Norman Polanski to make a film

14. What style of writing does Wolfe describe he's using in telling this story?
(a) Magical Realism
(b) Hysterical Realism
(c) Hysterical Journalism
(d) Simple prose

15. Do the the Merry Pranksters invite or include all LSD users?
(a) Of course
(b) No
(c) It's hard to say because they have no rules
(d) Yes, but only on Saturdays

Short Answer Questions

1. How was Kesey's novel received?

2. What does Kenneth Babbs introduce to the new Kesey colony?

3. What is the cause of Sandy's disturbing hallucinations?

4. Kesey says he wants everyone to do their thing and be Pranksters, but he also wants them to be:

5. When Kesey returns to the warehouse after a stay in jail, what does he say to Mountain Girl?

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