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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do the Pranksters go to meet Leary?
(a) Ithica, New York
(b) Queens, New York
(c) Poughkeepsie, New York
(d) Millbrook, New York

2. What do people start to call Kesey's La Honda home?
(a) The Forbidden City of the West with Kesey as Emperor
(b) A shack in the mountainside
(c) A kind of hill-country Versailles with Kesey as Sun-King
(d) Windsor Castle with Kesey as the Prince of Wales

3. As the conference progresses, what becomes more interesting to Kesey?
(a) The sacraments
(b) The older Unitarians
(c) The need for religion in his life
(d) The phenomenon of Control

4. Where does Kesey go to do graduate work?
(a) Stanford
(b) Yale
(c) Columbia
(d) Berkeley

5. What happens to the Beauty Witch when the group reaches Houston?
(a) She gets a job offer and has to leave
(b) She is recruited to participate in a pageant
(c) She gets car sickness
(d) She has gone completely insane

6. Kesey says he wants everyone to do their thing and be Pranksters, but he also wants them to be:
(a) Charming
(b) Crazy
(c) Competetent
(d) Competitive

7. What is a rule that Kesey establishes for travel?
(a) That if someone is angry, just ignore them
(b) Nobody's allowed to get angry with anyone else no matter what
(c) That there are no rules
(d) Nobody's allowed to say what they really mean

8. What happens when the Pranksters arrive at the seven-day Unitarian Conference?
(a) They are popular with everyone
(b) They discover they like organized religion
(c) They offend the older Unitarians and intrigue the younger ones.
(d) They offend everyone

9. Why does Kesey want to document the road trip?
(a) He wants to capture the amazing things that will happen while on drugs
(b) He wants to become a filmmaker
(c) He wants evidence in case he has to go to court someday
(d) He worries that his memory is fading

10. What do the Pranksters introduce to the Angels?
(a) Orange Juice and Kool-Aid
(b) Guns and spears
(c) LSD and DMT
(d) Morphine and Amphetamines

11. What is the name that Kesey gives his group?
(a) The Merry Politicians
(b) The Merry Pranksters
(c) The Leary Wannabes
(d) The Jolly Pranksters

12. What are some of the regular features of life at La Honda?
(a) Yoga classes three times a week to stay healthy
(b) Day Glo paint on everything, Friday night dinners
(c) LSD-laced prayer sessions at sunrise
(d) Arm wrestling on Wednesdays

13. What do the Pranksters believe about people living the "straight" life?
(a) They are involved in games and not conscious of them
(b) They are good people but not interesting
(c) They play high-tech games that they don't understand
(d) They pretend they are smart and they are not

14. Freewheeling Frank is a:
(a) Car mechanic
(b) Hell's Angel
(c) Motorcycle mechanic
(d) World War II vet

15. What drew the Hell's Angels to the Kesey?
(a) His good looks
(b) His very expensive house
(c) The marijuana charges against him
(d) His comformist philosophy

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Wolfe describe Cassady?

2. What happens to Sandy in this part of the story?

3. Where do Kesey and the Pranksters go?

4. What do the Angels like about Allen Ginsburg?

5. What does Wolfe compare Kesey and the Pranksters to?

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