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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter X Dream Wars.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Does Kesey get to meet Leary?
(a) Yes, and they get along well
(b) No
(c) They pass each other in the hallway but can't talk
(d) In a spiritual way, yes

2. Where was Kesey born and raised?
(a) In Portland, Oregon
(b) In La Honda, California
(c) La Junta, Colorado. Raised in Springfield, Oregon.
(d) No one really knows and he won't tell.

3. What happens to Sandy after taking Unauthorized Acid?
(a) He thinks it should be the official dosage
(b) He salutes everyone he meets
(c) It has no effect on him
(d) He goes on a really bad acid trip

4. What happens to the Beauty Witch when the group reaches Houston?
(a) She gets a job offer and has to leave
(b) She has gone completely insane
(c) She gets car sickness
(d) She is recruited to participate in a pageant

5. What is a rule that Kesey establishes for travel?
(a) Nobody's allowed to say what they really mean
(b) Nobody's allowed to get angry with anyone else no matter what
(c) That if someone is angry, just ignore them
(d) That there are no rules

Short Answer Questions

1. What route do the Pranksters take back to California?

2. Do the the Merry Pranksters invite or include all LSD users?

3. Why does Kesey annoy many of the people who visit La Honda?

4. Sandy believes that Kesey is most interested in the forest as:

5. Freewheeling Frank is a:

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