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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter VIII Tootling the Multitudes.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Kesey want to document the road trip?
(a) He worries that his memory is fading
(b) He wants to become a filmmaker
(c) He wants to capture the amazing things that will happen while on drugs
(d) He wants evidence in case he has to go to court someday

2. According to Wolfe, what do the La Honda citizens call the Kesey colony?
(a) Ninnies
(b) Junkies
(c) Prophets
(d) Scholars

3. Who were the main figures on Perry Lane?
(a) Robin Givens and Gwen Stefani, entertainers
(b) Robin White and Gwen Davis, novelists
(c) Robert Redford and Paul Newman
(d) Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg

4. What is the Bladder Totem?
(a) A bathroom key attached to a gas can
(b) A native American talisman
(c) A talisman that looks like a bladder
(d) A pole that helps open the bathroom door

5. Why does Kesey annoy many of the people who visit La Honda?
(a) He never has anything for them to eat
(b) He never turns the heat on
(c) He is very controlling
(d) He never says anything, just lets things happen

Short Answer Questions

1. What does MDT stand for?

2. Does the Pranksters' way of life strike the author as odd?

3. Sandy believes that Kesey is most interested in the forest as:

4. Where does Babbs place his writing in the warehouse?

5. What famous actress does Doris Delay resemble?

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