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The Bus

This vehicle is an old school bus that the Pranksters paint in bright colors and take for a trip out East and is a symbol for being in the drug culture that Kesey develops.

La Honda

A small town in Northern California near to Kesey's property. Most of Kesey's ideas develop here.

San Francisco

The hippie scene of Haight-Ashbury in this city is the center of the drug culture, and the place where Kesey's Acid Tests start developing.

Los Angeles

The Acid Test experiments move to city in southern California and come to a dramatic peak in Watts.


Kesey runs to this country south of the U.S. border to avoid capture for marijuana possession. Here, he gets the idea that everyone needs to move beyond drugs during an electrical storm.


This drug is the primary psychoactive drug that turns Kesey and many others...

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