The Electric Kool-aid Acid Test Character Descriptions

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Ken Kesey (Chief)

The main character in this story,he is a gifted writer who earns his way into Stanford University. An athletic man, he comes from an Oregon upbringing after having been born in La Junta, Colorado, an upbringing that is solidly all-American in the 1940s and '50s. His future looks bright as a man of letters, but something happens at Stanford to change everything. He volunteers as a subject in psychoactive drug studies and encounters LSD.


Faye Kesey

Of all the characters, she is the most stable and reliable, a good wife and mother. Usually in the background, her importance is understated in the book. Without her, the Pranksters would not have eaten as well as they did. Her husband would not have had the time to concentrate on his projects, and their children would have been criminally neglected.

Kenneth Babbs (Babbs)

This man can...

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