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Chapter I Black Shiny FBI Shoes

• Tom Wolfe, author and journalist, meets a guy named Cool Breeze and learns that Ken Kesey, LSD guru, is coming out of jail.

• Wolfe has heard a lot about Kesey and finds him an interesting subject.
• Wolfe goes to San Mateo County jail to meet Kesey and decides to write about him.

• Wolfe describes the drug culture of the 1960s drug culture and previews what his account will be.

Chapter II The Bladder Totem

• Wolfe waits for Kesey in the Warehouse, where he and the Merry Pranksters live.

• The Pranksters use a bathroom at a gas station because they don't have one in the warehouse .

• Kesey returns from prison.
• Wolfe meets Neal Cassady and Ken Babbs as well as other members of the Pranksters who he finds odd.

• The Pranksters are critical of the 'straight life.'

Chapter III The Electric Suit

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