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Katherine Neville
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Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Catherine and Solarin agree to rendezvous with Mordecai and Lily?

2. What does Shahin tell Mireille that he knows that she desires?

3. In what state does the Bishop decide to bury pieces from the Montglane Service?

4. How many pieces of the service does the Bishop have as he leaves England?

5. What was another name for The White Queen?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where was Lily surprised to find at least two pieces of the service?

2. Where does Catherine swim ashore and how does she get past the patrolling soldier?

3. What information does Kamel share with Catherine about El-Marad, the man she is looking for?

4. What was the formula in the service for and what does it allow to happen according to Newton?

5. What information related to the Montglane service does Mireille learn when she confronts Philidor, Blake and Wordsworth?

6. How many pieces have been located by Catherine and her friends and where are they located?

7. Why was the Bishop reduced to selling land to French immigrants for the four years that he has been living in America?

8. What does Minnie reveal to Catherine and Lily about where the service is hidden and what does she provide them to help them collect them?

9. What does Mireille see when she arrives at the hidden valley and what happens when she arrives there?

10. What do Catherine, Lily and Solarin agree is the only way to test their theory about the formula?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Of what significance is April 4th and how does the author develop the idea of this date throughout the novel? What things (people and events) does it represent a spiritually convergent date for? What and how does this foreshadow?

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay about the theme of destiny as it is explored throughout the novel. Is this theme realistic? Why or why not? Do you believe that humanity cannot escape what is ordained for them? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

At what point in the novel does the author appear to make the shift from subconscious, spiritual destiny to outward, physical reality? Why do you think the author makes this shift? Do you believe the shift is successful? Why or why not?

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