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Katherine Neville
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the Abbess call the greatest chess master of all?

2. What is Catherine an expert at?

3. In what year does this portion of the story take place?

4. What stops Valentine and Miereille's carriage?

5. Which character is considered one of the eight "collection points?"

Short Essay Questions

1. What explanation does the Bishop give for his slight limp after Valentine and Mireille question him about it and the rumors they have heard about it?

2. What story does Catherine tell the Abbess to convince the Abbess that it is important that she receive the entire Service?

3. What news do Marie-Charlotte and Alexandrine bring to the Abbess and the other nuns?

4. What steps does Catherine take on her own once she and Lily split up to complete research?

5. Describe Catherine's incident with the fortune teller and her reaction to the entire encounter.

6. What story does the Bishop tell Mireille and Valentine after the opera when they spend the night at his home?

7. What work does Kamel want Catherine to complete for him which surprises Catherine and catches her off guard?

8. What happens when Camille encounters the Bishop when he arrives at Robespierre's home?

9. What surprise does Mireille find out about herself on the journey to Corsica?

10. What coincidence does Catherine's friend Lily point out about how Catherine has spent her time before she leaves for Algeria?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

At the beginning of the novel. the character of Catherine asks the rhetorical question as to what might happen if America should lose control of the world's oil supply. Toward the middle of the novel this rhetorical question is given real meaning. Why do you think the author included this line of thinking? Is it part of the puzzle? If so, in what way?

Essay Topic 2

How does the author use the technical writing technique having one character reveal information to another? Does the author use it effectively? How? If not, how could she have done it better?

Essay Topic 3

Of what significance is April 4th and how does the author develop the idea of this date throughout the novel? What things (people and events) does it represent a spiritually convergent date for? What and how does this foreshadow?

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