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Katherine Neville
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Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Elisa and Napoleon take Mireille?

2. What does the Arab soldier tell Charlemagne and Garin a blood wager will bring to the person making the wager?

3. Whose identity does Catherine try to determine as part of her investigation into the chess match?

4. Which of the following describes a series of chess moves that results in the empowering of the bishop?

5. What sport did Charlemagne play frequently and even put a sign in reference to in the convent?

Short Essay Questions

1. How many pieces have been located by Catherine and her friends and where are they located?

2. What happens when Catherine and Lily make it inside the restaurant and what are they challenged to?

3. What prophecy does Charlot offer to Napoleon?

4. What encounter does Philidor relate to David and what happened during the encounter?

5. What information does Charlot share with Mireille and what sacrifice does Charlot make for Mireille?

6. Who saves Mirielle from Paris and what connection does Mirielle find out about them and her past?

7. Why is Llewellyn excited to hear about Catherine's relocation and what does he ask of her?

8. What is Paul's plan now that Catherine the Great has died?

9. How does the Abbess make it impossible for any one person to reveal the details of her plan to ensure the safety of the pieces of the chess set?

10. What steps does Catherine take on her own once she and Lily split up to complete research?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

What does the training of Mireille's falcon Charlot represent? In what way is it helpful? What does the falcon symbolize throughout the novel?

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay about the theme of destiny as it is explored throughout the novel. Is this theme realistic? Why or why not? Do you believe that humanity cannot escape what is ordained for them? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Describe the character, Solarin, as developed by the author. What two sides are there to this character? In what ways is the character being manipulated and in what ways does he manipulate others?

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