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Katherine Neville
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Catherine contact first once she and Lily reach the city of Oran?
(a) El-Marad
(b) Kamel
(c) Sharrif
(d) Therese

2. What small gift does Catherine present to El-Marad's daughter when they arrive at his house?
(a) A note from Nim
(b) Money
(c) A white queen chess piece
(d) A falcon

3. Who holds the Black Queen?
(a) Mireille
(b) Plato
(c) Abbess
(d) Paul

4. What does Shahin call a sandstorm?
(a) The White Sands
(b) The White Queen
(c) The Refugee of Sand
(d) The Singing Sands

5. How long is the time required for the lunar and solar calendars to cycle back and return to their starting points?
(a) 8 years
(b) 8 days
(c) 80 days
(d) 8 months

Short Answer Questions

1. What becomes Mireille's personal mark?

2. What does Lily call the move she uses to get out of her stuck position?

3. Who promises the Bishop safety and prosperity if he returns to France?

4. Whose diagram do Catherine, Lily and Solarin use as the basis for solving the mystery of the configuration of the pieces?

5. In what state does the Bishop decide to bury pieces from the Montglane Service?

Short Essay Questions

1. What connection does Lily explain to Catherine about the ax and chess?

2. What happens to change Mireille's plans to kill Marat and how do they change?

3. What does Minnie tell Catherine that she was chosen to be and what realization about herself does Catherine come to?

4. What has the Abbess concealed in her room and how does Catherine react to it when the Abbess reveals it to her?

5. What events happen with the Bishop in London and what does she bring him?

6. What was the formula in the service for and what does it allow to happen according to Newton?

7. Why was the Bishop reduced to selling land to French immigrants for the four years that he has been living in America?

8. What alternative plan does Solarin offer once it is obvious that the storm has blown the ship significantly off course?

9. What happens when Catherine and Lily make it inside the restaurant and what are they challenged to?

10. What does Mireille tell David is the only thing that can both destroy the power of the revolution and rebuild France?

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