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Katherine Neville
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mokhfi's name mean in English?
(a) The secret chosen one
(b) A rebel
(c) One that trespasses on the gods
(d) The white queen

2. What is Solarin's relationship with Minnie?
(a) Nephew
(b) Son
(c) Grandson
(d) Godson

3. What does Catherine use as a weapon in her attempt to rescue Lily?
(a) Fisticuffs
(b) Knife
(c) Kamel's gun
(d) Heavy bag of Service pieces

4. Who does Marat tell Mireille is the white queen?
(a) Abbess
(b) Mireille
(c) Catherine
(d) Charlotte

5. Where does Catherine come ashore?
(a) At the OPEC conferece
(b) In Paris
(c) Where Sharrif is waiting
(d) In the Channel Islands

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Abbess hope to learn from Catherine the Great before she dies?

2. Where did Minnie and Solarin hide after they were separated from the rest of the family?

3. What does Shahin tell the scientist traveling with Napoleon that his people believe in?

4. How long does it take the characters to travel to America once they actually start?

5. Whose diagram do Catherine, Lily and Solarin use as the basis for solving the mystery of the configuration of the pieces?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Minnie tell Catherine that she was chosen to be and what realization about herself does Catherine come to?

2. What happens when Catherine and Lily make it inside the restaurant and what are they challenged to?

3. What is the secret message that El-Marad gives to Catherine and for whom is that secret message intended?

4. What information does Charlot share with Mireille and what sacrifice does Charlot make for Mireille?

5. Where was Lily surprised to find at least two pieces of the service?

6. What does Mireille tell David is the only thing that can both destroy the power of the revolution and rebuild France?

7. Why was the Bishop reduced to selling land to French immigrants for the four years that he has been living in America?

8. What does Minnie reveal to Catherine and Lily about where the service is hidden and what does she provide them to help them collect them?

9. What was the formula in the service for and what does it allow to happen according to Newton?

10. What is Paul's plan now that Catherine the Great has died?

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