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Katherine Neville
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What city of the past do Catherine and Lily supposedly drive through as they follow the route Minnie drove?
(a) Carioca
(b) Athens
(c) Rome
(d) Atlantis

2. What small gift does Catherine present to El-Marad's daughter when they arrive at his house?
(a) A white queen chess piece
(b) A falcon
(c) Money
(d) A note from Nim

3. Which of the following characters accompanies Mireille across Algeria?
(a) Charlot
(b) Shahin
(c) Charlemagne
(d) David

4. From where does Charlotte recognize the pattern from Robespierre's diagram?
(a) Charlotte's robes
(b) David's paintings
(c) Cloth that covered the service
(d) Bishops clothes

5. Where does Catherine come ashore?
(a) At the OPEC conferece
(b) Where Sharrif is waiting
(c) In Paris
(d) In the Channel Islands

6. Which of the following characters helps Mireille get the Abbess out of her prison?
(a) Catherine
(b) Alexander
(c) Paul
(d) Valentine

7. What does the Abbess hope to learn from Catherine the Great before she dies?
(a) Where the Black Queen is
(b) What Plato knows
(c) Where the cloth is buried
(d) What to do with Paul

8. What are the symbols on the cloth that once covered the service besides the figure eight which Catherine and Lily examine?
(a) Symbols of hate
(b) Symbols of love
(c) Symbols of gods
(d) Symbols of elements

9. Which of the following characters is identified in this section as the Black Queen of the more current times?
(a) Lily
(b) El-Marad
(c) Minnie
(d) Catherine

10. Why can't El-Marad go to visit the woman who has several of the chess pieces himself?
(a) He is to ill to be able to travel
(b) She lives in a women-only environment
(c) She refuses to see him
(d) He does not have a passport

11. Which of the following is a dry reddish cake of material that when mixed with other elements could perform miracles of alchemy and heal all human illness?
(a) Montgland Service
(b) Sorsercer's Hat
(c) White Queen
(d) Philospher's stone

12. In what way are Solarin and Nim related?
(a) Brothers
(b) Grandfather and grandson
(c) Uncle and nephew
(d) Father and son

13. Why does Mireille state in her diary that she refuses to leave Paris?
(a) She wants to see her son born into the game
(b) The Abbess ordered her to stay
(c) The Bishop is lookign for her
(d) She is afraid for her life

14. Why did Napoleon refuse Charlot's offer according to Shahin?
(a) He did not trust him
(b) Death waits in France
(c) He knows there are pieces in Egpy
(d) He was afraid

15. Where does Robespierre say the White Queen is currently?
(a) India
(b) England
(c) Mesopotamia
(d) France

Short Answer Questions

1. What was another name for The White Queen?

2. Which of the following characters controls the leaders of the Revolution?

3. Which of the following characters looks like Mireille enough that Mireille can replace her to keep the appointment with the Revolution leader?

4. How does Mireille disguise herself so that she can return to Paris as the Abbess ordered?

5. What does Mireille name the falcon that she captures and trains to hunt for her and her guide as they travel across Algeria?

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