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Katherine Neville
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following characters controls the leaders of the Revolution?
(a) Charlotte
(b) Corday
(c) Marat
(d) David

2. How long is the time required for the lunar and solar calendars to cycle back and return to their starting points?
(a) 8 years
(b) 8 months
(c) 80 days
(d) 8 days

3. Which of the following characters accompanies Mireille across Algeria?
(a) David
(b) Charlot
(c) Charlemagne
(d) Shahin

4. What does the Abbess hope to learn from Catherine the Great before she dies?
(a) What Plato knows
(b) Where the cloth is buried
(c) Where the Black Queen is
(d) What to do with Paul

5. What other person does Catherine learn has the same birthday as she?
(a) Kamel
(b) Charlemagne
(c) El-Marad
(d) Mokhifi

6. How did Catherine, Lily and Solarin get to see Robespierre's diagram?
(a) Minnie gave it to them
(b) They went to Russia to get it
(c) Mireille had it in her diary
(d) It was hidden on the boat

7. Who promises the Bishop safety and prosperity if he returns to France?
(a) Catherine
(b) Abbess
(c) Mirielle
(d) Germaine

8. How long does it take the characters to travel to America once they actually start?
(a) Weeks
(b) Days
(c) Months
(d) Years

9. What does Catherine tell El-Marad?
(a) That Minnie has left the game
(b) That Lily is the Black Queen
(c) That she knows he's the White King
(d) That she is protected by Kamel

10. Who does Robespierre say that Rousseau learned about the service from?
(a) Phoenicians
(b) Casanova
(c) Marat
(d) David

11. Which of the following characters is identified as the Black Queen?
(a) Catherine
(b) Abbess
(c) Mireille
(d) Charlotte

12. What becomes Mireille's personal mark?
(a) Figure 8
(b) Knight shape
(c) B for the Bishop
(d) Letter M

13. From where does Charlotte recognize the pattern from Robespierre's diagram?
(a) Cloth that covered the service
(b) Bishops clothes
(c) David's paintings
(d) Charlotte's robes

14. Whose diagram do Catherine, Lily and Solarin use as the basis for solving the mystery of the configuration of the pieces?
(a) Bishop's
(b) Abbess's
(c) Catherine's
(d) Robespierre's

15. What are the symbols on the cloth that once covered the service besides the figure eight which Catherine and Lily examine?
(a) Symbols of hate
(b) Symbols of elements
(c) Symbols of gods
(d) Symbols of love

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Mireille tell Marat that she has shipped the pieces for which she was responsible?

2. How many pieces of the service does the Bishop have as he leaves England?

3. What deduction do Catherine, Lily and Solarin come to about the placement of the pieces on the chess board?

4. Where does the Bishop end up when the ship on which he was sailing sinks?

5. Which of Catherine's friends does El-Marad's name remind her?

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