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Katherine Neville
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who takes Catherine back to her apartment?
(a) Blanche
(b) Cab
(c) Chauffeur
(d) Harry

2. Where does the Bishop want Mireille to go?
(a) To visit the Abbess
(b) David's home
(c) Robespierre's home
(d) The Abbey

3. Which of the following describes a series of chess moves that results in the empowering of the bishop?
(a) An exchange of queens
(b) A quiet move
(c) Pawn to queen's fourth
(d) Fianchetto

4. Which character is considered one of the eight "collection points?"
(a) Bishop
(b) Valentine
(c) Abbess
(d) Miereille

5. What did Catherine do instead of sleeping when she returned to her hotel after Sharrif took her there?
(a) Try to make contact with Solarin
(b) Think of a way to get in to see Kamel
(c) Study books on mathematics
(d) Research OPEC

6. How is Mireille disguised as she attempts to leave Paris?
(a) Servant boy
(b) Nun
(c) Muscian
(d) Priest

7. What does the Abbess do with the pieces of the chess set?
(a) Mails them to the Bishop
(b) Sends them to Rome
(c) Distributes the pieces among the nuns
(d) Hides them in the fields

8. To what year has the author returned the reader?
(a) 1791
(b) 1900
(c) 1850
(d) 1972

9. Which of the following is one of the secret messages decoded by Nim and Catherine from the fortuneteller's words?
(a) Protection from evil
(b) Warning of Satanic evil
(c) Safe passage to Algeria
(d) Path to win all chess games

10. Where does the Bishop plan to take Mireille for refuge?
(a) Algeria
(b) France
(c) England
(d) Spain

11. What does David believe is the only thing that will save France from itself?
(a) Finding the chess set
(b) Robespierre
(c) Catherine
(d) Valentine and Mireille

12. Who is the man that Valentine and Mireille see who walks with a slight limp?
(a) Richelieu
(b) David
(c) Bishop of Autun
(d) Germaine de Stael

13. What does Catherine believe the Freemasons to be?
(a) A force of evil
(b) A force of good
(c) Betrayers to all that is good
(d) Political allies

14. Why is Lily shocked when she and Catherine arrive at the chess tournament?
(a) It has already concluded
(b) Dogs are not allowed
(c) She is denied access
(d) Solarin did not show up

15. Whose identity does Catherine try to determine as part of her investigation into the chess match?
(a) Fortune teller's
(b) Friske's
(c) Lilly's
(d) Solarin's

Short Answer Questions

1. In what occupation was Catherine Velis previously employed?

2. What signals that it is time to stop working and return to the convent for the nuns?

3. Who does Catherine find recently killed when she goes to retrieve her briefcase?

4. Where does Nim take Catherine to help calm her?

5. What does Nim potentially provide Catherine in Algeria?

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