Objects & Places from The Eight

Katherine Neville
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The Abbey of Montglane

The action of the "past" narrative begins here.

The Montglane Service

This is a chess set (board, pieces, and cloth cover), the possession of which serves as the focus of conflict in both "past" and "present" narratives.

The Figure

This is associated with various aspects of control and power.

The Cocktail Napkin

When Catherine encounters the Fortune Teller (Section 2), Llewellyn writes the Fortune Teller's prophecy here.

Catherine's Painting

This contains a pale man on a bicycle.

Lily's Chess Set

This first appears in Section 4, when Lily takes it out of her purse to play along with Solarin and Fiske during their match.


This is the setting for much of the action in the novel's "past" narrative.


This is the setting for a great deal of action in both "past" and "present" narratives.

The Valley of the Statues / The Casbah / The Cave


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