Daily Lessons for Teaching The Eight

Katherine Neville
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Lesson 1 (from Section 1)


Section 1

The students will be able to identify issues of conflict within what is read.


Possible Activities:

• Have the students create a graphic organizer listing the conflicts found within section one (i.e. New Bishop who is born of Satan, Abbey closed, Service separated, Charlemagne and Garin's match, etc..)

• List some major conflicts from section one. Have the students identify who is involved in the conflict and brainstorm what they believe to be the reason(s) behind the conflict.

• Have the students create a cause and effect chart for the events described throughout this chapter. Remind the students that all answers may not be available within the text and that some suppositions may need to be made.


Have the students respond in writing: Why do you believe the match between Charlemagne and Garin was so different?


Have the students write a comparison between...

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