The Eight Character Descriptions

Katherine Neville
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Mireille (The Fortune Teller, Minnie)

This character is the protagonist of the narrative set in the past..


This character begins the story as a novice nun at Montglane Abbey - naive, uncertain of her religious calling, and obedient to the will of the Abbess.

The Abbess

This character is the head of Montglane Abbey, and the keeper of the secret of the Montglane Service.

The Bishop of Autun

This character is based on, and given the same name and many of the same physical characteristics, as an actual historical person for which this character is named.

Catherine Velis

This is the protagonist of the novel's "present" narrative.

Harry and Mordecai

These two are key characters in the "present" narrative - one is a friend of Catherine's, while the other is his father.

Blanche and Llewellyn

These two characters appear in the novel's early stages, to be both...

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