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Arthur Phillips
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Ralph's last, insane moment, he equates his name with what?
(a) Ra.
(b) Bastet.
(c) Atum-hadu.
(d) Tut-ke-hamen.

2. After Ralph wraps himself up, what does he pour on himself?
(a) Disintegration chemicals.
(b) Burning chemicals.
(c) Sulfur chemicals.
(d) Preservation chemicals.

3. Who does Ferrell find living at Ralph's old villa?
(a) Two journalists.
(b) Two photographers.
(c) Investors.
(d) Carter's wife.

4. On Sunday, December 17th, what shows up in the seventh room?
(a) A dead cat.
(b) An orange cat.
(c) A calico cat.
(d) A mummified cat.

5. In reality, why does Ralph steal the chemicals?
(a) To cure his infection.
(b) To use on CCF's body and then his own.
(c) To take his writings off the wall.
(d) To eliminate the dead cat.

6. What is in the package that ter Breuggen sends Margaret?
(a) Photographs.
(b) Books.
(c) Letters.
(d) Essays.

7. Carter comes to Ralph's villa at night and mentions that what character may have romantic feelings for Ralph?
(a) Lady Laura.
(b) Lady Mary.
(c) Lady Vivianne.
(d) Lady Evelyn.

8. What does Ahmed steal from Ralph?
(a) His jewelry.
(b) His best gramophone.
(c) His car.
(d) His money.

9. Ralph says that he has much to finish if mad Ferrell is coming to stamp about with what?
(a) Police and dogs.
(b) Boots and rumors.
(c) Smoke and mirrors.
(d) Tools and suspicions.

10. Who does Ralph meet while at Carter's site?
(a) Lord Carnelion.
(b) Lord Canterbury.
(c) Lord Carnarvon.
(d) Lord Carter.

11. Why does Quint think that Ralph survived the war and didn't die?
(a) He heard about an Oxford professor and his interest in Atum-hadu.
(b) He heard about an NYU professor and his interest in Atum-hadu.
(c) He heard about a Columbia professor and his interest in Atum-hadu.
(d) He heard about a Harvard professor and his interest in Atum-hadu.

12. What does Ralph call the room after the room with the columns?
(a) Chamber of Mysteries.
(b) Chamber of Treasure.
(c) Chamber of Devotion.
(d) Chamber of Secrets.

13. What happens when Ralph tries to open the ninth chamber?
(a) He goes to sleep.
(b) He cries.
(c) He collapses.
(d) He goes mad.

14. A telegram from CCF to Ralph promises to send money but also requests details of what?
(a) The official credentials.
(b) The treasures.
(c) Ralph's work.
(d) Ralph's finds.

15. What is the cryptic abbreviation that Ralph sends on a telegram to Margaret?

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the "ologist" name for someone with Ralph's interests?

2. Who is Atum-hadu's father?

3. After Ralph has finished with the columns, what does he use to open the next door?

4. When Ralph finishes his drawing of the tomb, what is included?

5. In which chamber does Ralph place his robe and painting equipment?

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