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Arthur Phillips
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letter/Journal 70 - 79.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When they slide the second door enough for Ralph to get a look, what does he think he sees?
(a) Writings.
(b) Statues.
(c) Jewels.
(d) Gold.

2. Why does Ralph not have the heavy equipment needed to work on the second door?
(a) He cannot keep it up.
(b) He cannot keep it safe.
(c) He cannot use it.
(d) He cannot afford it.

3. Why is it easy for Ralph and Ahmed to line up a few workers for their dig?
(a) Because Ahmed is well respected.
(b) Because Ralph is paying the workers well.
(c) Because the other major digs haven't started.
(d) Because the workers want to discover treasure.

4. Why does Margaret request that Ralph return to Boston immediately after CCF wires funds to him?
(a) She is sick.
(b) She wants children.
(c) She is bored.
(d) She is dying.

5. What is left out of all ancient Egyptian writing?
(a) Accents.
(b) Meter.
(c) Punctuation.
(d) Vowels.

Short Answer Questions

1. Margaret says that she wants to accompany Ralph on his next dig because she is what?

2. According to Farrell, what kind of addiction does Margaret have?

3. Who has Ralph been sending anonymous telegrams to, exposing CCF's interest in pornography?

4. In a letter discovered after her death, Margaret tells Ralph about how Ferrell turned her and CCF against him? What kind of letter was it?

5. While continuing his search, Ahmed brings news that Carter uncovered what?

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