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Arthur Phillips
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letter/Journal 40 - 49.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Howard Carter?
(a) A professor at Oxford.
(b) A private investigator.
(c) A famous archaeologist.
(d) A book critic.

2. Before Ralph leaves to his villa, how many suits does he pick up from the tailor?
(a) Five.
(b) Two.
(c) Four.
(d) Three.

3. While continuing his search, Ahmed brings news that Carter uncovered what?
(a) A hole.
(b) A chamber.
(c) A dresser.
(d) A stair.

4. Why does Ralph not have the heavy equipment needed to work on the second door?
(a) He cannot keep it safe.
(b) He cannot use it.
(c) He cannot afford it.
(d) He cannot keep it up.

5. Who is CCF?
(a) Chester Curtis Fennder.
(b) Chester Chaplain Franklin.
(c) Chester Crawford Finneran.
(d) Chester Charles Finnegan.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Ralph when he writes the first letter to Margaret?

2. What job does Mr. Hoyt hold?

3. According to Ralph, what was Margaret doing when she and Ralph first met?

4. When Terbroogan takes Ferrell into Ralph's office, what is on his desk?

5. Margaret says that she wants to accompany Ralph on his next dig because she is what?

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