The Egyptologist Character Descriptions

Arthur Phillips
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Ralph Trilipush - This character convinces a set of Boston businessmen to finance an expedition to Egypt.

Harold Ferrell - This character is an Australian detective.

Paul Caldwell - This character is the illegitimate son of another character, grows up in poverty and learns to pick pockets.

Atum-hadu - This character is a king whose existence is based on Fragment C.

Margaret Finneran - This character's weakness for opium and alcohol keeps her in a sedated state much of the time.

CCF (Chester Crawford Finneran) - This character is a businessman and invests in the expedition with the expectation of great financial returns. This character is then killed with a sledgehammer.

Laurence Macy III - This character does not write anything directly but assembles and arranges journal entries, letters, telegrams and notes to compile this novel.

Hugo Marlowe - This character is an Oxford scholar with a...

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