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Short Answer Questions

1. How can Tony's mood be described in Part 3: Chapter 2?

2. Who calls Emily on the phone in Part 2: Chapter 3?

3. Why is Emily not interested in the party she is invited to in Part 3: Chapter 3?

4. Where did Emily go the night ending in the mysterious apartment?

5. What does Tony do after Sarah's death?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Tony do after Sarah's funeral?

2. Do you agree with Emily that Tony killed Sarah or do you disagree?

3. What are Sarah and Tony's sons doing in Part 3: Chapter 1?

4. What happens at Sarah's funeral and reception?

5. Why do you think that Emily tells her lovers about her sister's misfortunes?

6. Discuss Emily's feelings of loneliness in Part 3: Chapter 3.

7. What happens at the beginning of Part 2: Chapter 3?

8. What does it say about Emily that she is committed to Howard Dunninger?

9. How does Emily compare herself to Peter?

10. What happens as a result of Emily's refusal to help Sarah when she considers leaving Tony?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss time. Yates starts in Tenafly, NY in the 1930s and travels decades over the course of the novel. The novel, just over 200 pages, spans nearly the entirety of Emily and Sarah's lives. Which parts could have been sped up? Slowed down?

Essay Topic 2

Emily is an optimistic character. Even though her parents are divorced, she remains hopeful that they will get back together. What does this hopefulness do for her? Does she retain this optimism for her entire life? Select no less than two scenes that exhibit hopefulness and her optimism.

Essay Topic 3

Is place important? Emily begins in Tenafly, NY in the 1930s and moves throughout the novel. On the other hand, Sarah remains fairly stagnant, even avoiding going to Montana because of distance. Discuss movement, traveling, and the fear of leaving in The Easter Parade.

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