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Short Answer Questions

1. In Part 1: Chapter 1, where do Emily and Sarah go to visit their father?

2. Why did Jack Flanders leave his old profession?

3. What is the name of Walter Grimes's lover?

4. What is the relationship between Emily and Sarah?

5. Which of Emily's qualities is Andrew Crawford impressed by?

Short Essay Questions

1. Do Emily and Andrew have a happy marriage?

2. Describe Emily and Sarah's relationship in Part 2: Chapter 1.

3. Is there a rivalry between the two Grimes sisters?

4. What is Jack's temperament like in Part 2: Chapter 2?

5. In Part 1: Chapter 3, Emily decides to go to a movie alone. What happens instead?

6. Describe what happens when Emily and Jack visit Sarah and her family.

7. Why does Pookie want to be close to Tony's parents?

8. Describe Jack and Emily's relationship.

9. Describe Pookie and Emily's visit to the country cottage where Sarah lives in Part 1: Chapter 3.

10. How does Sarah injure herself in Part 1: Chapter 1?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Abuse plays a major role in The Easter Parade. Discuss abuse in the novel, looking at both emotional and physical. Choose one character and explore how abuse has shaped his or her life.

Essay Topic 2

Emily is an optimistic character. Even though her parents are divorced, she remains hopeful that they will get back together. What does this hopefulness do for her? Does she retain this optimism for her entire life? Select no less than two scenes that exhibit hopefulness and her optimism.

Essay Topic 3

Several characters in The Easter Parade are writers. What are their attitudes towards writing? Are they successful as writers? Do they share any of the same traits? Discuss writers as characters.

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