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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jack tell Emily about this school's invitation?

2. What does Jack do with his current poetry?

3. What does Tony Wilson wear to the Easter Parade?

4. What does Tony's mother propose they name their estate?

5. What does Sarah's son, Peter, want to be when he grows up?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Andrew and Emily's relationship in Part 1: Chapter 4.

2. In Part 1: Chapter 3, Emily decides to go to a movie alone. What happens instead?

3. Why is Emily disappointed with the trip she and Jack take to Europe?

4. In Part 1: Chapter 2, why does Sarah's father, Walter Grimes, disapprove of his daughter's engagement?

5. What happens for Emily in the year break Andrew takes from their relationship?

6. Why is Emily disappointed with Jack after they move to a new place?

7. Describe Emily and Sarah's relationship in Part 2: Chapter 1.

8. In Part 1: Chapter 3, in what ways does it become clear to the reader that Emily is now the narrating character?

9. What happens when Emily and Jack return to Iowa City?

10. In Part 1: Chapter 2, why is Emily scolded for being childish?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Choose either Sarah or Emily and examine her relationship with Pookie. Is their relationship stereotypical of a mother/daughter relationship? If not, how does it differ?

Essay Topic 2

Emily is an optimistic character. Even though her parents are divorced, she remains hopeful that they will get back together. What does this hopefulness do for her? Does she retain this optimism for her entire life? Select no less than two scenes that exhibit hopefulness and her optimism.

Essay Topic 3

Is place important? Emily begins in Tenafly, NY in the 1930s and moves throughout the novel. On the other hand, Sarah remains fairly stagnant, even avoiding going to Montana because of distance. Discuss movement, traveling, and the fear of leaving in The Easter Parade.

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