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Headlines from The Easter Parade

Choose three chapters from The Easter Parade and "sell" potential readers on the novel based upon headlines you create from each chapter.

Journal Entry

Write a journal entry from Emily's point of view at any age of her life.


Write a letter as if you're Emily writing to Sarah. Make up something to tell Sarah that didn't happen in the book.

You're the Author

Choose any scene from the book and rewrite it, using your own style.

Film Version

Watch the 1979 film Kramer vs. Kramer, which deals with divorce. Compare the film to The Easter Parade.


Imagine that The Easter Parade is a play. Choose a scene and rewrite as a play, making sure to provide stage directions.

Family Tree

Create the Grimes Family Tree. Add in a fact about each family member.

Easter Parade

Using old clothes and accessories, dress...

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