The Easter Parade Character Descriptions

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Emily Grimes - This character has no sense of stability or sense of self worth.

Sarah Grimes Wilson - This character dies as a result of a drunken fall or push.

Esther Pookie Grimes - This character's life is consumed by alcoholism.

Walter Grimes - This character dreams of becoming a writer one day but is stuck on the copy desk.

Andrew Crawford - This character confesses to wanting to marry another character after only having known this character for one week.

Jack Flanders - This character is a poet who is offered a teaching job at the University of Iowa.

Howard Dunninger - This character is a lawyer.

Tony Wilson - This character dresses in unusual attire for an Easter Parade.

Peter Wilson - This character is determined to become an Episcopalian priest.

Tony Wilson - This character drops out of high school and ends up...

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