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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Postumia described?
(a) Outspoken and dressed unattractively.
(b) Outspoken and dressed attractively.
(c) Reserved and dressed attractively.
(d) Reserved and dressed unattractively.

2. Who are Marcus Genucius and Gaius Curtius?
(a) The new consuls after the decemvirs.
(b) Two military leaders after the decemvirs.
(c) The new senators after the decemvirs.
(d) The two responsible for dealing with the decemvirs.

3. What do the allies hope Rome will provide for them in their dispute?
(a) A different place to battle over.
(b) A different solution.
(c) A different problem.
(d) A different city to conquer.

4. What is the conspiracy that is mentioned at the end of the first section in War & Politics?
(a) A plot to restore the monarchy.
(b) Another revolt by the slaves.
(c) A plot to overthrow the government.
(d) A violent protest by the advocates of intermarriage.

5. What is considered a shortcoming that the advocates of intermarriage want to overcome?
(a) Hemophilia.
(b) Thalassemia.
(c) Anemia.
(d) Hypoglycemia.

Short Answer Questions

1. Much later, what does Plato encourage the women of Athens to do?

2. How is the nature of the decemvirs' politics described?

3. What are the Etruscans advanced in?

4. Why does Postumius shockingly threaten his men?

5. What kind of power are the Etruscans known for?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Quinctius, and what debate is he positioned in the middle of?

2. How do the slaves revolt, what is the senate's response, and how is the problem resolved?

3. What is the "solution" that Rome gives its allies, and how is the decision perceived by the people?

4. What happens after the Laws of the Ten Tables are established?

5. What do the Volscians surprisingly do that redefines their relationship with Rome?

6. What happens to the five classes set up by Servilius, and how are the patricians described?

7. What are the Laws of the Ten Tables?

8. How long does the pestilence and illness last, and what effect does it have on Rome?

9. Who do the plebians include, and how are they described?

10. What are the Etruscans known for, and why is their advice sought?

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