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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What season do the Romans choose to launch a siege against Veii?
(a) Winter.
(b) Spring.
(c) Summer.
(d) Fall.

2. Where is the civil strife in Rome resolved?
(a) The Capitol.
(b) The City Building.
(c) Circus Maximus.
(d) The Roman Arena.

3. What do the leaders have mixed feelings about, as a result of the slaves' revolt?
(a) Arming the people.
(b) Eliminating the curfew.
(c) Imposing a curfew.
(d) Disarming the people.

4. Who are Marcus Genucius and Gaius Curtius?
(a) The new senators after the decemvirs.
(b) The new consuls after the decemvirs.
(c) The two responsible for dealing with the decemvirs.
(d) Two military leaders after the decemvirs.

5. Once established, which part of the government has the most ties to the plebian class?
(a) The dictatorship.
(b) The tribune.
(c) The senate.
(d) The consuls.

Short Answer Questions

1. What part of the planet uses laws similar to that of the Romans, based on Judaic philosophy?

2. What is the innovation talked about at the end of War & Politics?

3. What is the state of the allies when they approach Rome for mediation?

4. How do the decemvirs respond to outside enemies?

5. How many classes were originally listed by Servilius?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are both sides of the intermarriage debate Rome faces?

2. What happens between two allies of Rome, and how does the city become involved?

3. What is unique about Lucius Tarquitius?

4. What is Veii now considered to the Romans, and how does Rome plan on dealing with the situation?

5. What do the Volscians surprisingly do that redefines their relationship with Rome?

6. What are the decemvirs?

7. Why does the city of Ardea respond positively to Rome's new outlook?

8. Who do the plebians include, and how are they described?

9. What is the "solution" that Rome gives its allies, and how is the decision perceived by the people?

10. What innovation is described at the end of War & Politics pertaining to the military and how it is compensated?

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