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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Much later, what does Plato encourage the women of Athens to do?
(a) Run for public office.
(b) Begin moving away from the city.
(c) Begin outnumbering the men.
(d) Create a militia.

2. What threat does the revolt of the slaves cause Rome to face?
(a) The institution of martial law.
(b) Over population.
(c) The overthrow of the government.
(d) A civil war.

3. What does Claudius encourage Rome to consider in a lengthy speech?
(a) The reputation of the people.
(b) The reputation of the government.
(c) The reputation of the soldiers.
(d) The reputation of the surrounding regions.

4. What causes the Roman military to face the possibility of defeat?
(a) Dissension among the soldiers.
(b) Dissension among the military leaders.
(c) A neigboring region with a larger military.
(d) A neighboring region with a larger supply of weaponry.

5. Where is the civil strife in Rome resolved?
(a) The Roman Arena.
(b) The Capitol.
(c) Circus Maximus.
(d) The City Building.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the decemvirs respond to outside enemies?

2. What part of the government featured a strong military contingent?

3. Why are slaves not considered part of the plebian class?

4. What types of questions warranted the Etruscans' knowledge?

5. What is the general tone of the author's style?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do the slaves revolt, what is the senate's response, and how is the problem resolved?

2. What is the main problem the decemvirs are having and why?

3. Why does the city of Ardea respond positively to Rome's new outlook?

4. What is the goal of the Roman military as they begin the war with Veii, and how do they attempt to meet it?

5. What do the senators do when the decemvirs take over?

6. What are both sides of the intermarriage debate Rome faces?

7. How is the political structure of the Republic described at the end of the first part of War & Politics?

8. What are the Etruscans known for, and why is their advice sought?

9. What happens after the Laws of the Ten Tables are established?

10. What happens to the five classes set up by Servilius, and how are the patricians described?

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