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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the group, the Aurunci, consist of?
(a) Just one country.
(b) More than one country.
(c) Just one town.
(d) More than one town.

2. What do some of the creditors do to make the situation worse?
(a) They refuse to accept repayment of the debts owed to them.
(b) They exploit the debtors.
(c) They try to take property away from the debtors.
(d) They attack the debtors physically.

3. How long does Pompilius rule over Rome?
(a) Fifty-three years.
(b) Twenty-three years.
(c) Thirty-three years.
(d) Forty-three years.

4. What is a difficulty that the author encounters while writing about the history of Rome?
(a) Omission of facts.
(b) Exaggeration of facts.
(c) The language.
(d) The origins.

5. How do the people view the senators' fear of the crowds resulting from the debt problem the city faces?
(a) They are confused by it.
(b) They view it as positive.
(c) They view it as negative.
(d) They ignore it.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the town of Pometia almost defeat the Romans?

2. What does Brutus demand for the protection of the Roman government?

3. What Latin city does Rome conquer in order to further increase its population?

4. What does the author tell the reader he is writing about in the first Introduction?

5. What does Pompilius primarily focus on?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Tarquin die, and what effect does it have on the Republic of Rome?

2. How does Tarquin gain power, and who is recognized in removing it from him?

3. What two noteworthy things does Servius do while he serves as the King of Rome?

4. How do the Romans and the Albans agree to settle their war and what is the result?

5. What problems does King Ancus face, and how does he deal with them?

6. How does the town of Pometia surprisingly stand up to Rome, and what is the end result?

7. How does Rome respond to outside regions in the beginning of its existence?

8. Who is Valerius, and what does he do for the Roman people?

9. What is interesting about the Roman religion and where was it adopted from?

10. How do the senators initially respond to the ensuing credit war, and why does this strategy backfire on them?

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