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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What situation is the most common setting for a Dictator to be named of Rome?
(a) A financial crisis.
(b) Civil unrest.
(c) A war.
(d) A shortage of supplies.

2. How do the Romans use war in the second part of The Republic?
(a) Only preservation and expansion.
(b) Only preservation.
(c) Preservation, resources, and expansion.
(d) Only preservation and resources.

3. What does Ancus do to solve the increasing crime problem Rome faces?
(a) He imposes a curfew on the city.
(b) He becomes more selective about which cities he takes people from in the future.
(c) He has guards patrol the city.
(d) He builds the first prison.

4. After the senate is formed, how is King Numa Pompilius elected?
(a) In a split decision.
(b) By forfeit.
(c) He is appointed.
(d) Unanimously.

5. What does Brutus demand for the protection of the Roman government?
(a) That there will be no more Kings.
(b) That he be declared King.
(c) That the elections will happen every four years.
(d) That there will no longer be elections.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Livy, how much of a difference was there between the rich and the poor early in Rome's history?

2. How many introductory pieces are there that precede the main text of the book?

3. What Latin city does Rome conquer in order to further increase its population?

4. How was the support of the people viewed by the Kings of early Rome?

5. What type of republic do the Romans choose their form of government over?

Short Essay Questions

1. What problems does King Ancus face, and how does he deal with them?

2. What happens to Cloelia and why is her story inspirational to the Romans?

3. How do the debtors and the citizens of Rome take the law into their own hands after the government proves to be no help with the credit problems?

4. How does Tarquin gain power, and who is recognized in removing it from him?

5. How does Rome respond to outside regions in the beginning of its existence?

6. What happens after the war with the Aequians, and how do the Romans respond?

7. How does the war between the creditors and the debtors begin?

8. What two noteworthy things does Servius do while he serves as the King of Rome?

9. How does Tarquin die, and what effect does it have on the Republic of Rome?

10. Who is Valerius, and what does he do for the Roman people?

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