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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the reason for the dispute of Rome's allies?
(a) It is a political dispute.
(b) It is a revolt against the governments of the allies.
(c) It is a civil war.
(d) It is a dispute over territory.

2. What decision does Rome make at the end of Rome and the Patricians?
(a) They declare the land public property of Rome.
(b) They attack half of the allies.
(c) They declare the land private property of Rome.
(d) They attack all of the allies.

3. How many classes were originally listed by Servilius?
(a) Three.
(b) Two.
(c) Four.
(d) Five.

4. What happens when the allies arrive in Rome at the end of Rome and the Patricians?
(a) A new party agrees to replace Rome as the mediator.
(b) Rome refuses to allow them entrance.
(c) A new party stakes a claim on the land.
(d) The allies decide they no longer need Rome's assistance.

5. What is Caeso Quinctius's opinion of the consuls?
(a) He defends them.
(b) He eliminates them.
(c) He tries to add mroe consuls to the senate.
(d) He tries to replace them with the tribunes.

6. What is the controversial yet effective way that Postumius dies?
(a) He is dragged through the streets by the people.
(b) He is stoned to death by his soldiers.
(c) He is stoned to death by the people.
(d) He is dragged through the streets by his soldiers.

7. What causes the Volscians to aid a Roman party?
(a) A military dispute.
(b) A financial dispute.
(c) A political dispute.
(d) A matrimonial dispute.

8. How do the senators feel about the practices of the decemvirs?
(a) They support them.
(b) They oppose them.
(c) They ignore them.
(d) They do not understand them.

9. How many simultaneous campaigns do the Romans attempt to have enough troops to serve in?
(a) Ten.
(b) Three.
(c) Fourteen.
(d) Seven.

10. What is used to support the advocates of intermarriage?
(a) The previous design of the social classes by Rome.
(b) The success of intermarriage in other regions.
(c) The failure of other regions who do not have intermarriage.
(d) The previous integration of other regions by Rome.

11. What are the decemvirs mainly unable to manage?
(a) The will of the Roman people.
(b) The military of Rome.
(c) The financial state of Rome.
(d) The senators of Rome.

12. What does Rome's decision in Chapter 3 of Rome and the Patricians illustrate?
(a) Rome's power.
(b) Rome's politics.
(c) Rome's weakness.
(d) Rome's naivety.

13. What is the general tone of the author's style?
(a) Theoretical and entertaining.
(b) Exaggerated.
(c) Selective.
(d) Factual and accessible.

14. How do the decemvirs respond to outside enemies?
(a) They are angered.
(b) They are emboldened.
(c) They are shaken.
(d) They are optimistic.

15. How are the Volscians described in the second part of War & Politics?
(a) Loyal allies of Rome.
(b) Loyal enemies of Rome.
(c) Enemies of Rome.
(d) Disloyal allies of Rome.

Short Answer Questions

1. During the time of Rome and the Patricians, how is the military generally used?

2. What is the state of the Roman Republic at the end of the second part of Rome and the Patricians?

3. How long do the Romans evacuate the city because of the pestilence and illness?

4. What is the crisis that the decemvirs face?

5. Why are slaves not considered part of the plebian class?

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