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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the people chastised for after the rule of the decemvirs ends?
(a) Supporting the decemvirs.
(b) Following the decemvirs.
(c) Contributing to Rome's political problems.
(d) Contributing to Rome's economic problems.

2. What is it about Postumia that offends some people?
(a) Her questionable wealth.
(b) The way she adorns herself.
(c) The way she isolates herself.
(d) Her family's reputation.

3. How is the civil strife in Rome managed?
(a) A military leader raises troops that side with the slaves.
(b) A military leader raises troops that side with the tribune.
(c) A military leader raises troops that side with the consul.
(d) A military leader raises troops that side with the senate.

4. How are the people of Ardea affected by Rome's new outlook?
(a) They are satisfied.
(b) They are ambivalent.
(c) They are skeptical.
(d) They are unsatisfied.

5. What kind of power are the Etruscans known for?
(a) Cultural, but not political.
(b) Political and cultural.
(c) The Etruscans were not known for having any power.
(d) Political, but not cultural.

6. How does Postumia disguise her disposition?
(a) With rudeness.
(b) With politeness.
(c) With deception.
(d) With humor.

7. What part of Livy's tone is consistent throughout the book?
(a) His objectiveness.
(b) His favorability towards certain Romans.
(c) His favorability towards other regions.
(d) His satire.

8. What is the reason for the dispute of Rome's allies?
(a) It is a dispute over territory.
(b) It is a civil war.
(c) It is a revolt against the governments of the allies.
(d) It is a political dispute.

9. What is the general tone of the author's style?
(a) Factual and accessible.
(b) Theoretical and entertaining.
(c) Exaggerated.
(d) Selective.

10. How do the women in Rome factor into the wars during Rome and the Patricians?
(a) They are kept away from them.
(b) They are the reason for the wars being fought.
(c) They are on the front lines along with the men.
(d) They are involved, but not on the front lines.

11. Why does Postumius shockingly threaten his men?
(a) To join another army's fight.
(b) To betray Rome.
(c) To harbor a secret.
(d) To intentionally lose a battle.

12. What has Veii's internal politics caused them to appoint?
(a) A King.
(b) A Consul.
(c) A Dictator.
(d) A Senator.

13. What is the conspiracy that is mentioned at the end of the first section in War & Politics?
(a) A plot to restore the monarchy.
(b) Another revolt by the slaves.
(c) A plot to overthrow the government.
(d) A violent protest by the advocates of intermarriage.

14. How are the tribunes given their office?
(a) They are appointed by the consuls.
(b) They are elected by the people.
(c) They are appointed by the senate.
(d) They are appointed by the dictator.

15. What causes the Roman military to face the possibility of defeat?
(a) Dissension among the soldiers.
(b) A neighboring region with a larger supply of weaponry.
(c) A neigboring region with a larger military.
(d) Dissension among the military leaders.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the government pay for the military?

2. According to Claudius, what is the real trouble in Rome?

3. Who are Marcus Genucius and Gaius Curtius?

4. What is the real problem the decemvirs have?

5. Where does the defeat of Rome mentioned in Part 1of Rome's Capture take place?

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