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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does the slave turn the information of the conspiracy over to?
(a) The consul.
(b) The army.
(c) The senate.
(d) The people.

2. What condition does Ancus find Rome to be in when he takes over?
(a) Neither warlike nor peaceful.
(b) Both warlike and peaceful.
(c) Mainly warlike.
(d) Mainly peaceful.

3. How does Rome use the Dictatorship during The Republic?
(a) Every other year.
(b) Never.
(c) It replaces the consul.
(d) Only as needed.

4. How do the people view the senators' fear of the crowds resulting from the debt problem the city faces?
(a) They ignore it.
(b) They view it as positive.
(c) They are confused by it.
(d) They view it as negative.

5. Although it is a decisive Roman victory, what are the total losses on both sides of the war that results in one of the consuls being injured, and the other being beheaded?
(a) Between fourteen and fifteen thousand men.
(b) Between nine and ten thousand men.
(c) Between eleven and twelve thousand men.
(d) Between eight and nine thousand men.

6. How attentive to the people's needs are the oligarchic rulers?
(a) They are rarely attentive to them by choice.
(b) It depends on the cirumstances.
(c) It is impossible for them to be attentive to them.
(d) They are always attentive to them by choice.

7. What do some of the creditors do to make the situation worse?
(a) They refuse to accept repayment of the debts owed to them.
(b) They attack the debtors physically.
(c) They exploit the debtors.
(d) They try to take property away from the debtors.

8. What result does the death of King Romulus have on Rome?
(a) It makes the Romans more vulnerable.
(b) It makes the Romans less vulnerable.
(c) It causes the Romans to wage a civil war.
(d) It causes the Romans to stop the civil war going on.

9. According to one theory, how are Romulus and Remus related?
(a) They are cousins.
(b) They are half-brothers.
(c) They are fraternal twins.
(d) They are identical twins.

10. Who does Quinctius lead the military against?
(a) The Calabrians.
(b) The Aequians.
(c) The Ligurians.
(d) The Venetians.

11. How does the slave described in the beginning of Rome's new consul learn of the conspirators' plans?
(a) He knows another slave who works for one of the conspirators.
(b) He knows another slave who has overheard their conversation.
(c) He overhears their conversation while passing them on the street.
(d) He works for one of the conspirators.

12. How do the Romans use war in the second part of The Republic?
(a) Only preservation and expansion.
(b) Only preservation and resources.
(c) Preservation, resources, and expansion.
(d) Only preservation.

13. What does Brutus demand for the protection of the Roman government?
(a) That he be declared King.
(b) That the elections will happen every four years.
(c) That there will no longer be elections.
(d) That there will be no more Kings.

14. What are the women asked to disregard pertaining to the men they found themselves with at the start of Rome?
(a) Their hatred.
(b) Their fondness.
(c) Their resentment.
(d) Their attachment.

15. What year does the book, Patricians at Bay begin?
(a) 567 BC.
(b) 476 BC.
(c) 467 BC.
(d) 576 BC.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Servius institute while serving as the King of Rome?

2. What type of republic do the Romans choose their form of government over?

3. What does the author tell the reader he is writing about in the first Introduction?

4. What does the great Roman warrior, Valerius, do once he enters politics?

5. What planet's name is given to the temple to a deity?

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