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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 5, The Capture of Rome: Chapter 1, Rome's Capture, Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Much later, what does Plato encourage the women of Athens to do?
(a) Create a militia.
(b) Begin moving away from the city.
(c) Run for public office.
(d) Begin outnumbering the men.

2. How does the town of Pometia almost defeat the Romans?
(a) They attack the Romans using domestic devices.
(b) They surprise the Romans with an army of well trained soldiers.
(c) They outnumber the Romans by a two to one margin.
(d) They obtain more advanced weaponry than the Romans.

3. How does Postumia disguise her disposition?
(a) With humor.
(b) With rudeness.
(c) With deception.
(d) With politeness.

4. What do the opponents of intermarriage fear?
(a) The unintended economic consequences.
(b) Further attempts to change the definition of marriage even more.
(c) The decline of the Roman culture.
(d) The government's loss of control.

5. How does a leader's presence or absence on the battlefield affect the troops fighting in a war?
(a) The troops begin to lose morale if a leader is present.
(b) The troops fight the same whether a leader is present or not.
(c) The troops begin to lose morale if a leader is absent.
(d) The troops mostly prefer to be led by a soldier, rather than a military/political leader.

Short Answer Questions

1. What situation is the most common setting for a Dictator to be named of Rome?

2. How do the surrounding political locations feel about Rome when it is first being created?

3. According to Livy, how much of a difference was there between the rich and the poor early in Rome's history?

4. Which one of the following is not an event that is included in the book as an ominous sign for Rome?

5. How many allies of Rome need mediation for their dispute?

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