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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, The Republic: Chapter 2, Rome as a Republic, Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is the problem of debt described?
(a) As a manageable civil and social problem.
(b) As a past social problem.
(c) As a past civil problem..
(d) As an unmanageable civil and social problem.

2. What do the people do when creditors attempt to collect repayment in the courts?
(a) They protest the government by holding big rallies.
(b) They form mobs to protect the debtors.
(c) They file lawsuits against the creditors in retaliation.
(d) They encourage debtors not to attend the court proceedings.

3. Where does Romulus gather people from to help start Rome's population?
(a) All of the surrounding countries.
(b) A select amount of the surrounding countries.
(c) All of the surrounding villages.
(d) A select amount of the surrounding villages.

4. What causes Servilius and Appius to become unpopular with the Romans?
(a) The consul only lends half of the debtors the money needed to pay their debts.
(b) The consul attempts to collect the debts owed on the creditors' behalf.
(c) The consul continues to ignore the creditors' unfair treatment of debtors.
(d) The consul does not keep their word with the debtors.

5. What is Brutus known as in the beginning of the second book?
(a) Brutus the Conqueror.
(b) Brutus the Betrayer.
(c) Brutus the Destroyer.
(d) Brutus the Liberator.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the women asked to disregard pertaining to the men they found themselves with at the start of Rome?

2. What does Pompilius primarily focus on?

3. What does Servius institute while serving as the King of Rome?

4. How do the women stop the first known war between the inhabitants of Rome?

5. How many years is a consul given to serve when the position is first created?

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