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Short Answer Questions

1. Name one of the apprentices who is supposed to be the heart of the rattlesnake coupling.

2. Who is NOT one of the Genaros with whom Carlos is reunited in this story as told in the book?

3. Who is certain that Don Juan and Don Genaro are close by, though this person cannot see them?

4. One time during Carlos' dream, the street becomes a primeval _________ in which Carlos finds himself.

5. When he hears the name of ____________, Carlos gets an odd shiver in his belly and alone sees where this person is.

Short Essay Questions

1. What do La Gorda and Carlos agree to do when they begin to do dreaming together?

2. What does Carlos do in his dream once he realizes what he is supposed to do?

3. What does La Gorda seem to recall in painful memories to the group about Carlos?

4. What is the explanation for Carlos' physical experience which La Gorda shares with him?

5. Who are the three sisters with whom Carlos Castaneda is reunited during the course of this book?

6. What is the image in Carlos' mind which plays when he is feverish in bed one day?

7. How does La Gorda shock the apprentices when she talks to them about Carlos?

8. What happens during the process of ghost dreaming, according to Carlos and La Gorda?

9. What happens to Carlos' body when he arrives back in Los Angeles and wakes up one morning?

10. What is the order that Don Juan gives to Carlos in the dreaming about his interactions with La Gorda?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Carlos decides to act as though nothing is wrong, since he feels this is his duty.

Part 1: Do you think it is right to act as though nothing is wrong in your life, even if it is?

Part 2: How do you think Carlos should have acted when he returned to Los Angeles?

Part 3: Why do you think Carlos feels it is his duty to act as though nothing is wrong?

Essay Topic 2

Carlos is warned that Don Juan's warriors may do anything to him when they meet, though they will not kill him.

Part 1: Why do you think that the warriors are unable to kill Carlos?

Part 2: Do you think that all people need to encounter warriors during their lives?

Part 3: What are some of the lessons that Carlos will learn as a result of meeting the warriors?

Essay Topic 3

Carlos and La Gorda continue to work together, remembering things which they didn't realize they had forgotten.

Part 1: Why do you think certain memories only come up at certain times?

Part 2: Do you think that you have certain memories which you will not be able to remember in the present, but that you will be able to remember in the future?

Part 3: How do you think that you could make old memories resurface in your own mind?

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