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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. _____________ is the ultimate master of intent and true chief, who makes Don Juan take care of Carlos.
(a) Pablito.
(b) Manual.
(c) Nestor.
(d) Jose.

2. What is Carlos' position among the apprentices which causes him to make the decision to stop the man from going off to die?
(a) Tonal.
(b) Nagual.
(c) Peer.
(d) Seeker.

3. _________ can never be overcome, though it can be accessed while awake when there is more training involved.
(a) Imperfection.
(b) Second attention.
(c) First attention.
(d) Third attention.

4. What is the stage of dreaming in which the dreamer takes action?
(a) Dynamic initiative.
(b) Restful vigil.
(c) Passive witnessing.
(d) Dynamic vigil.

5. The apprentice speaks of the stone ruins in terms of the fearsome _______ and the peaceful tonal structures, which confuses Carlos.
(a) Don Juan.
(b) Consciousness.
(c) Nagual.
(d) Silvio.

Short Answer Questions

1. La Gorda and Carlos begin to argue about whether Carlos has been __________ as they begin remembering.

2. Carlos realizes that he has learned to turn off his _________ and he believes that La Gorda is the catalyst.

3. What does Carlos do when La Gorda insists that Carlos had been a close helper of Silvio's?

4. Who does La Gorda meet with daily with Eligio while dreaming together, something which shocks everyone?

5. One time during Carlos' dream, the street becomes a primeval _________ in which Carlos finds himself.

Short Essay Questions

1. What do La Gorda and Carlos agree to do when they begin to do dreaming together?

2. What happens when La Gorda declares that the power spot has given them freedom at this point of the story?

3. When can the first attention be accessed when a person is awake, according to the lessons?

4. What is the explanation for Carlos' physical experience which La Gorda shares with him?

5. What happens when the apprentices try to reach a power spot in the mountains?

6. What is the sign that the apprentices are ready to move on after the scuffle between Carlos and the women?

7. What does Pablito offer about the ruins which Carlos has now visited in Tula?

8. What does La Gorda think about the Nagual Woman and what her purpose is for Carlos?

9. What is the order that Don Juan gives to Carlos in the dreaming about his interactions with La Gorda?

10. How does La Gorda shock the apprentices when she talks to them about Carlos?

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