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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do La Gorda and Lydia go at the beginning of this section, according to the storytelling?
(a) Mass.
(b) School.
(c) America.
(d) Home.

2. Which group has been cold to Carlos up until the point that they begin to remember some forgotten past deed?
(a) The men.
(b) The Naguals.
(c) The little sisters.
(d) The Tonals.

3. Where does the pressure in Carlos' body begin when he is still in Los Angeles?
(a) Chest.
(b) Arm.
(c) Left leg.
(d) Head.

4. Once Carlos remembers his ________ side, then the apprentices might be the ones who will work with him as a Nagual.
(a) Front.
(b) Left.
(c) Right.
(d) Back.

5. Carlos remembers when he was a younger apprentice that he was hidden away while ___________ had a lady caller.
(a) Don Juan.
(b) Don Recardo.
(c) Don Silvio.
(d) Don Genaro.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Carlos begin to realize what he needs to do within the dream he continues to have?

2. Which of the apprentices is the one who has lived in the area where the stone ruins rest?

3. Which person, out of duty, decides to act as if nothing is wrong with the situation?

4. ___________ allows that Carlos may not have been trying to hurt anyone, but he might be an unwilling envoy.

5. When he hears the name of ____________, Carlos gets an odd shiver in his belly and alone sees where this person is.

Short Essay Questions

1. When can the first attention be accessed when a person is awake, according to the lessons?

2. What happens when Pablito tells the others he is going to Tula in order to die?

3. What are the two places the apprentices go to after shredding their old clothes in Veracruz?

4. What do La Gorda and Carlos agree to do when they begin to do dreaming together?

5. What happens to Carlos' body when he arrives back in Los Angeles and wakes up one morning?

6. What has Don Juan foreseen happening to the apprentices when they are working together?

7. What does La Gorda think about the Nagual Woman and what her purpose is for Carlos?

8. What is missing from Silvio Manuel's house when the apprentices, and especially Josefina, see it?

9. What happens when Carlos suggests they immerse themselves in dreaming?

10. To whom are the pyramids harmful, according to Pablito at the beginning of the book?

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