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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. __________ had supposedly gone beyond the wall of fog seeking La Gorda, nearly died, and then recognized no one after that.
(a) Jose.
(b) Pablito.
(c) Carlos.
(d) Bengino.

2. Carlos has visited ________ where there are stone ruins where colossal figures are said to walk at night.
(a) Tula.
(b) Baja.
(c) Mexico City.
(d) Oxacaca.

3. Carlos volunteers to _____________ when La Gorda despairs when seeing the large man blocking their way.
(a) Leave.
(b) Curse him.
(c) Lead them another way.
(d) Die.

4. La Gorda becomes angry at being reminded that she is an unbearable _______ -- empty while wanting to be cute.
(a) Sorcerer.
(b) Idiot.
(c) Woman.
(d) Apprentice.

5. Who is NOT one of the Genaros with whom Carlos is reunited in this story as told in the book?
(a) Nestor.
(b) Pablito.
(c) Jose.
(d) Benigno.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tries to stop Carlos from stopping the person who decides to go off to die in the city?

2. _________ can never be overcome, though it can be accessed while awake when there is more training involved.

3. Where do La Gorda and Lydia go at the beginning of this section, according to the storytelling?

4. The apprentice speaks of the stone ruins in terms of the fearsome _______ and the peaceful tonal structures, which confuses Carlos.

5. Pablito shares with the groups that the _________ are gigantic 'not doings' which is where warriors dream and use second attention.

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the warning that Carlos receives when he is to meet the warriors of Don Juan?

2. What does Dona Soledad have to share with Carlos when he encounters her in the house?

3. What happens to Don Juan in order to help to cure him of lust during this apprenticeship?

4. What does Carlos do in his dream once he realizes what he is supposed to do?

5. What happens the time that Carlos begins to dream about himself sleeping, as La Gorda finds out from asking?

6. What happens in relation to action when a person is on the left side?

7. Why does Zuleica have to work quickly to teach the idea of second attention to the apprentices?

8. How can one be sure that a Nagual man truly leads others?

9. To whom are the pyramids harmful, according to Pablito at the beginning of the book?

10. What is the sign that the apprentices are ready to move on after the scuffle between Carlos and the women?

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