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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the only person who remembers the knowledge that Don Juan and the others have forgotten at once?
(a) Silvio.
(b) Carlos.
(c) Olinda.
(d) Don Juan.

2. __________, seeing the Eagle's flux through the ages, interpret the rule of the warrior, according to Don Juan.
(a) Seers.
(b) Sorcerers.
(c) Babies.
(d) Women.

3. What do all of the members of Don Juan's party have to be experts at before they can seek out a Nagual woman?
(a) Seeing.
(b) Stalking.
(c) Dreaming.
(d) Killing.

4. Who is the one that receives a master plan when he is dreaming, though he does not share it with Carlos?
(a) Silvio.
(b) La Gorda.
(c) Don Juan.
(d) Olinda.

5. Zuleica causes Carlos to have the sensation of sweeping the ____________ from the midpoint of his body.
(a) Tunnel.
(b) Floor.
(c) Dust.
(d) Ceiling.

6. No one, it seems, is worried about ___________ survival, as this person has been protected in many ways.
(a) La Gorda's.
(b) Pablito's.
(c) Lydia's.
(d) Carlos'.

7. __________ deal with the world as business managers, using "controlled folly" as Carlos and La Gorda experience.
(a) Seers.
(b) Stalkers.
(c) Bankers.
(d) Dreamers.

8. The new band of warriors does not seem to be able to break through to the ________ side.
(a) Left.
(b) Front.
(c) North.
(d) Right.

9. What does Zuleica want Carlos to study well, even as she chides him for staring at her?
(a) Her hair.
(b) Her breasts.
(c) Her hands.
(d) Her vagina.

10. Eligio tells Carlos about breaking into the __________ and takes him into the abyss with him.
(a) Pain.
(b) Death.
(c) Shadow.
(d) Glory.

11. The process of forgetting everything is also called _________ from within, in which the warriors forget their teachings completely.
(a) Quieting.
(b) Burning.
(c) Darkening.
(d) Exploding.

12. Carlos and La Gorda now possess knowledge too detailed to speculate about its ______________.
(a) Details.
(b) Truth.
(c) Meaning.
(d) Relevance.

13. Naguals are ______ beings, occurring in male/female pairs, according to the teachings of Don Juan.
(a) Double.
(b) Symmetrical.
(c) Ungendered.
(d) Balanced.

14. Warriors must break the _________ from within when it is the proper time to emerge from their cocoons.
(a) Shell.
(b) Message.
(c) Stone.
(d) Mist.

15. What does Eligio have to do for Carlos?
(a) Banish Carlos.
(b) Teach Carlos.
(c) Carry Carlos.
(d) Heal Carlos.

Short Answer Questions

1. The westerly encounter is a ritual or action which must take place at ___________, according to the teachings.

2. Seers are seen as being luminous _________, having four different sections, their right and left sides with two sections each.

3. Don Juan's teacher is severe at times, waiting for ____________ to help themselves, according to Don Juan.

4. Naguals have male and female ___________ who live in groupings and who only come together for strenuous tasks.

5. What does Carlos see leaving his body when he allows himself to die peacefully?

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