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The Atlanteans

A row of four colossal (15 feet high, 3 feet across) figures carved in basalt, these stand atop a pyramid in Tula, Hidalgo, near Mexico City, once the epicenter of the Toltec Empire.


The totality of this item consists of three uneven divisions.

Dreaming Body/Double

This is the entity that one gets in a visionary state.

Los Angeles

Author Carlos Castaneda is living in this city at the time of this book, and at intervals traveling to other places.

Mexico City

After recuperating in Veracruz, the apprentices go to this city, where they spend two days as tourists before author Carlos Castaneda takes them to an airline office into which Don Juan Matus had once pushed him, causing Carlos to slip through the crack between worlds.


This is a double being drawn to the hidden passageway and occurs in male/female pairs.

Oaxaca / Monte Alban

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