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Helene Hanff
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From there, Ms. Hanff and Mr. Buckley went to _________ where Mr. Buckley had once been a student and saw an historic wall where many of the past students had their names carved upon graduation, including Shelley.
(a) Canterbury.
(b) Windsor.
(c) Eton.
(d) Luton.

2. What had her brother given her?
(a) A new purse.
(b) A list of places to visit.
(c) One hundred dollars to spend.
(d) A gift card.

3. When she returned to the hotel, Ms. Hanff found a note waiting for her from Joyce Grenfell. Who is Joyce?
(a) A neighbor from New York.
(b) A friend of her mother's.
(c) A fellow writer.
(d) A famous actress she had long admired.

4. When she returned to the hotel, Ms. Hanff found a note from Mr. Buckley inviting her to go for a ride where?
(a) To Slough and Luton.
(b) To Gillingham and Canterbury.
(c) To Uxbridge and Watford.
(d) To Windsor and Eton.

5. Who was supposed to meet Ms. Hanff at the airport?
(a) Frank Doel and his family.
(b) Mr. Buckley and a fan of her book.
(c) Ms. Hanff's cousin and the Doels.
(d) Nora and Sheila Doel and a fan of her book.

Short Answer Questions

1. Afterward, they saw what play?

2. Ms. Hunff commented on the ceremony of the guards doing what?

3. Ms. Hanff had just boarded the flight to London despite what fact?

4. Describe the person in #13.

5. The Colonel took her where?

Short Essay Questions

1. What took place at the dinner at Nora's house?

2. What happened on Friday, June 24?

3. What did Ms. Hanff do with Joyce Grenfell and her husband?

4. What did Ms. Hanff do at Russell Square?

5. What does Ms. Hanff do for most of the day on Tuesday, June 29? Why?

6. How did the Colonel entertain Ms. Hanff on the way to Stratford-on-Avon?

7. What took place the evening of Wednesday, June 30?

8. What happened when Ms. Hanff went to the services at the Royal Chapel?

9. Describe Ms. Hanff's book signing.

10. Why did Ms. Grenfell have trouble taking Ms. Hanff home?

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