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Helene Hanff
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ms. Hanff went to the hotel bar where she had ____________, which she had to teach the bartender to make.
(a) A vodka tonic.
(b) A margarita.
(c) A daquiri.
(d) A gin martini.

2. Ms. Hanff went to see Buckingham Palace in hopes of what?
(a) Learning about it's history.
(b) Spotting a royal.
(c) Taking good photographs.
(d) Getting a tour.

3. On Friday, July 23, Sheila took Ms. Hanff to see what?
(a) Banqueting House.
(b) Fitzroy House.
(c) Hatfield House.
(d) Apsley House.

4. Ms. Hanff went to the Actor's Church to see whose ashes?
(a) Princess Diana's.
(b) Ellen Terry's.
(c) King Henry the VIII's.
(d) Clark Gable's.

5. Because of this lunch date, she decided to visit a few ___________ sights even though she had never been truly interested in him.
(a) Orwell.
(b) Fowles.
(c) Spark.
(d) Dickens.

6. Why did they go to this house?
(a) For salmon mousse.
(b) To watch a movie.
(c) To grill out.
(d) To relax.

7. A guard in a wool uniform sat on what?
(a) A motorcycle.
(b) A horse.
(c) A Hummer.
(d) A bench.

8. On Thursday, July 22, Ms. Hanff sat for Ena once again. Leo showed up early and did what?
(a) Ruined the mood.
(b) Surpised them.
(c) Ignored them.
(d) Brought them a snack.

9. Ms. Hanff received a check from Reader's Digest that made it possible for her to extend her stay for how much longer?
(a) Ten more weeks.
(b) Five more weeks.
(c) Ten more days.
(d) Five more days.

10. Ms. Hanff returned to Marks & Co. with a photographer from __________________ to take more pictures.
(a) Reader's Digest.
(b) Redbook.
(c) Cosmopolitan.
(d) Elle Magazine.

11. Ena asked if Ms. Hanff would do what?
(a) Go to the National Portrait Gallery with her.
(b) Sit for a portrait.
(c) Paint her.
(d) Stay an extra week.

12. The Colonel threw a going away party for Ms. Hanff. It was delightful, but Ms. Hanff could barely remember what?
(a) What she had done in London.
(b) The names of the guests or what they talked about.
(c) Where she was.
(d) What they ate.

13. To where did Ms. Hanff and Ena return?
(a) The Imperial War Museum.
(b) The Natural History Museum.
(c) The National Portrait Gallery.
(d) The Churchill Museum.

14. Ms. Hanff had her hair done before having dinner with whom?
(a) An English couple.
(b) Mark Connelly and his fiancee.
(c) Mr. Buckley and his wife.
(d) Laura Davidson and her husband.

15. Ms. Hanff met the Grenfells for dinner where?
(a) At a small restaurant.
(b) At a luxurious restaurant.
(c) At their home.
(d) At a large restaurant.

Short Answer Questions

1. He _____________ Ms. Hanff with stories all the way to Nora's house.

2. Did she have any luck at Buckingham Palace?

3. This explanation also helped Ms. Hanff understand Englishmens' fascination with whom?

4. Mr. Buckley once showed an architect some English pubs to help him do what?

5. Did Ms. Hanff agree to do this?

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