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Helene Hanff
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ms. Hanff went to the Actor's Church to see whose ashes?
(a) Ellen Terry's.
(b) King Henry the VIII's.
(c) Princess Diana's.
(d) Clark Gable's.

2. Ms. Hanff had her hair done before having dinner with whom?
(a) Laura Davidson and her husband.
(b) An English couple.
(c) Mark Connelly and his fiancee.
(d) Mr. Buckley and his wife.

3. What happened to the car that was to drive her?
(a) It broke down.
(b) It never showed up.
(c) It got lost.
(d) It called and canceled.

4. Where did she eventually find herself?
(a) In a coffee shop.
(b) Walking into someone's backyard.
(c) Walking through a prosperous neighborhood.
(d) Lost in a poor neighborhood.

5. Ms. Hanff went to the hotel bar where she had ____________, which she had to teach the bartender to make.
(a) A gin martini.
(b) A margarita.
(c) A daquiri.
(d) A vodka tonic.

6. Mr. Buckley once showed an architect some English pubs to help him do what?
(a) Design a pub style bar in Cleveland.
(b) Design a pub style bar in Pittsburgh.
(c) Design a pub style bar in Chicago.
(d) Design a pub style bar in New York.

7. Whose house did they go to?
(a) Mary's.
(b) Pat's.
(c) Laura's.
(d) Nora's.

8. Was Ms. Hanff impressed with the statue?
(a) Yes.
(b) No.
(c) Somewhat.
(d) Only at first.

9. Ms. Hanff received a check from Reader's Digest that made it possible for her to extend her stay for how much longer?
(a) Ten more weeks.
(b) Five more weeks.
(c) Ten more days.
(d) Five more days.

10. On Friday, July 23, Sheila took Ms. Hanff to see what?
(a) Apsley House.
(b) Hatfield House.
(c) Banqueting House.
(d) Fitzroy House.

11. On Friday, July 9, Ms. Hanff did what?
(a) Left for New York.
(b) Stayed in the hotel.
(c) Slept in.
(d) An interview.

12. Of what did this place make her think?
(a) The streets of New York.
(b) Breakfast at Tiffany's.
(c) Her home.
(d) Royalty.

13. Afterward the Colonel and Ms. Hanff had dinner with whom?
(a) Pat.
(b) His sister-in-law.
(c) Nora and Sheila.
(d) Ena.

14. Ms. Hanff had to call ___________ which cost more but would go anywhere.
(a) A minicab.
(b) A car service.
(c) A limousine.
(d) A bus.

15. Why did she end up only buying a shoulder bag?
(a) The dresses were all too expensive.
(b) The jackets were all too large.
(c) They did not have any irons or ironing boards.
(d) She did not like any of the clothes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Was Ellen Terry also buried at Westminster Abbey?

2. Ena asked if Ms. Hanff would do what?

3. Ms. Hanff went to see Buckingham Palace in hopes of what?

4. Nora gave Ms. Hanff some pictures of whom to take home?

5. That night, Ms. Hanff had dinner with whom?

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