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Helene Hanff
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ms. Hanff went to Deusch's to get some of her royalties to pay for what?
(a) Her meals.
(b) Her travel expenses.
(c) The hotel bill.
(d) Her souvenirs.

2. This place is a ____________________.
(a) Favorite of locals.
(b) Waste of time.
(c) Tourist trap.
(d) Secret.

3. About what did Ms. Hanff learn while at dinner with Nora and her daughter?
(a) Life in England.
(b) English history.
(c) Places to visit.
(d) More about the wife and daughter of her pen pal.

4. About what were they asked?
(a) What it was like meeting after so many years.
(b) Why they decided to finally meet.
(c) How they met.
(d) What they plan to do together.

5. Before reaching their destination, Ms. Hanff told the Colonel about what of which a friend had once sent her a postcard?
(a) A museum near there.
(b) A little village near there.
(c) A monument near there.
(d) A little inn near there.

6. Ms. Hanff discovers how different London is from what city?
(a) Miami.
(b) Chicago.
(c) Los Angeles.
(d) New York.

7. What is an important site pointed out to Ms. Hanff?
(a) Big Ben.
(b) London Bridge.
(c) St. Paul's Cathedral.
(d) Charing Cross Road.

8. Of what was Ms. Hanff afraid?
(a) No one would show up to her book signing.
(b) Getting lost.
(c) Being the only one on the tour.
(d) Hostile fans.

9. Back at the hotel, Ms. Hanff read an article about her arrival in London and was amused by what?
(a) The reporter called her chic.
(b) The language used in the article.
(c) The length of the article.
(d) The description of her.

10. Ms. Hanff admires the calm and quiet of London, but misses what?
(a) The beaches of Los Angeles.
(b) The comforts of Chicago.
(c) The chaos that reigns in New York.
(d) The weather of Miami.

11. Eddie and Isabel were conservative people at home. How did they act in London?
(a) Conservatively.
(b) Worried.
(c) Nervous.
(d) Relaxed.

12. Later in the day, Ms. Hanff and Nora Doel were interviewed where?
(a) At 84, Charing Cross Road.
(b) At the hotel.
(c) At Broadcasting House.
(d) At Nora's home.

13. Later that afternoon, Ms. Hanff spent the afternoon in ________ where she recalled an afternoon in New York where she and two friends had a picnic on Dog Hill that was interrupted by a group of hungry dogs.
(a) Chelsea Physic Garden.
(b) Battersea Park.
(c) Brockwell Park.
(d) St. James Park.

14. Ms. Hanff was embarrassed when?
(a) Mr. Buckley did not show up.
(b) Mr. Buckley seemed excited to see her.
(c) Mr. Buckley told her to change her clothes.
(d) Mr. Buckley seemed unhappy with the idea of her wearing pants, something she does routinely.

15. At a going away party, several friends had given her a gift certificate to __________.
(a) Burtons.
(b) Harrods.
(c) Macys.
(d) Jarrods.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ena begged Ms. Hanff not to return home too early and to consider doing what?

2. On Sunday, June 27, Ms. Hanff went to services where and instantly discovered she was the center of attention, causing her a great deal of discomfort?

3. Buckley encouraged Ms. Hanff to visit what the following day?

4. The Colonel took her where?

5. Ms. Hanff went to her publishers' office from where she was taken to _____________.

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