The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street Quiz | Eight Week Quiz G

Helene Hanff
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Friday, July 16; Saturday, July 17; Sunday, July 18; Monday, July 19; Tuesday, July 20; Wednesday, July 21; Thursday, July 22; Friday, July 23; Saturday, July 24; Sunday, July 25; and Monday, July 26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Afterward, they saw what play?
(a) The Tempest.
(b) Hamlet.
(c) King Lear.
(d) A Midsummer's Night Dream.

2. Ms. Hanff went to the hotel bar where she had ____________, which she had to teach the bartender to make.
(a) A daquiri.
(b) A vodka tonic.
(c) A gin martini.
(d) A margarita.

3. Why did they go to this house?
(a) To watch a movie.
(b) To grill out.
(c) For salmon mousse.
(d) To relax.

4. On Sunday, June 20, Ms. Hanff visited ______________ where she met a ticket taker with whom she discussed roses.
(a) Big Ben.
(b) Russell Square.
(c) Buckingham Palace.
(d) London Tower.

5. When she returned to the hotel, Ms. Hanff found a note waiting for her from Joyce Grenfell. Who is Joyce?
(a) A friend of her mother's.
(b) A fellow writer.
(c) A famous actress she had long admired.
(d) A neighbor from New York.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ms. Hanff's driver was ___________________ who drove cabs to make extra money.

2. Why did she have a temper tantrum?

3. She was hoping to stay in London for how long?

4. Mr. Buckley and Ms. Hanff went to _________ where Shakespeare used to be a regular customer.

5. How did this fan help Ms. Hanff?

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