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Helene Hanff
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Friday, July 2; Saturday, July 3; Sunday, July 4; Monday, July 5; Tuesday, July 6; Wednesday, July 7; and Thursday, July 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. That night, Ms. Hanff met Joyce Grenfell, her husband, Reggie, and a couple from Australia where for dinner?
(a) At Terra.
(b) At the Waldorf.
(c) At Piccadilly Restaurant.
(d) At Clos Maggiore.

2. Afterward, she went across the street to get some cold medicine and supplies only to discover what?
(a) The store was closed.
(b) They did not sell cold medicine.
(c) They were out of all the cold medication.
(d) A bulletin board covered in questionable advertisements.

3. Who was supposed to meet Ms. Hanff at the airport?
(a) Ms. Hanff's cousin and the Doels.
(b) Mr. Buckley and a fan of her book.
(c) Nora and Sheila Doel and a fan of her book.
(d) Frank Doel and his family.

4. Afterward where did they visit?
(a) Macys.
(b) Jarrods.
(c) Harrods.
(d) Saks.

5. Ms. Hanff was also planning to use what to pay for her stay?
(a) The money she earned from a previous book.
(b) Her advance on the book.
(c) Gifts from her family.
(d) Her most recent paycheck.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ms. Hanff spent the day alone touring what?

2. On Sunday, June 27, Ms. Hanff went to services where and instantly discovered she was the center of attention, causing her a great deal of discomfort?

3. Where else did these two walk?

4. Later in the day, Ms. Hanff and Nora Doel were interviewed where?

5. What are two themes of the novel that are touched upon?

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