The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street Quiz | Eight Week Quiz D

Helene Hanff
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Sunday, June 27; Monday, June 28; Tuesday, June 29; Wednesday, June 30; and Thursday, July 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What had her brother given her?
(a) A gift card.
(b) One hundred dollars to spend.
(c) A new purse.
(d) A list of places to visit.

2. Ms. Hanff was horrified when her friends insisted on having lunch at Claridge's without doing what?
(a) Making reservations.
(b) Inviting their other friends.
(c) Returning to the hotel to change.
(d) Inviting her.

3. Ms. Hanff finally had to put her foot down when Eddie suggested they do what, without changing?
(a) Go to dinner.
(b) See A Midsummer's Night Dream.
(c) Visit her new acquaintances.
(d) See a movie.

4. When she returned to the hotel, Ms. Hanff found a note waiting for her from Joyce Grenfell. Who is Joyce?
(a) A fellow writer.
(b) A friend of her mother's.
(c) A neighbor from New York.
(d) A famous actress she had long admired.

5. On Friday, June 18, Ms. Hanff attempted to take a shower and discovered what?
(a) There was only a bathtub.
(b) The shower was designed poorly.
(c) There was no hot water.
(d) The shower was not working.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ms. Hanff spent most of the day in the dining room watching _________ and reading the newspaper.

2. On Monday, June 28, Ms. Hanff attempted to get her silk dress pressed, but discovered what?

3. Back at the hotel, Ms. Hanff read an article about her arrival in London and was amused by what?

4. What did this stop cause?

5. The Colonel took her where?

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