The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street Quiz | Eight Week Quiz D

Helene Hanff
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Sunday, June 27; Monday, June 28; Tuesday, June 29; Wednesday, June 30; and Thursday, July 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ms. Hanff went to lunch with Nora where she was told a story of how Nora and Frank once knew a rare book dealer who turned out to be what?
(a) A cop.
(b) A Russian spy.
(c) A king.
(d) A drug dealer.

2. Ms. Hanff admires the calm and quiet of London, but misses what?
(a) The weather of Miami.
(b) The chaos that reigns in New York.
(c) The beaches of Los Angeles.
(d) The comforts of Chicago.

3. Ms. Hunff felt this way about the other customers until when?
(a) She left the pub.
(b) They introduced themselves.
(c) She got to know them.
(d) She realized many of them were most likely the same kind of people Shakespeare would have seen on his visits.

4. Before reaching their destination, Ms. Hanff told the Colonel about what of which a friend had once sent her a postcard?
(a) A museum near there.
(b) A little village near there.
(c) A monument near there.
(d) A little inn near there.

5. On Sunday, June 27, Ms. Hanff went to services where and instantly discovered she was the center of attention, causing her a great deal of discomfort?
(a) At St John's Chapel.
(b) At the Queen's Chapel.
(c) At the Guards Chapel.
(d) At the Royal Chapel.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ms. Hanff went to her publishers' office from where she was taken to _____________.

2. What did Ms. Hanff learn about the ceremony of the guards?

3. Ms. Hanff was also planning to use what to pay for her stay?

4. Who was Ms. Hanff's fan at the airport?

5. Who was supposed to meet Ms. Hanff at the airport?

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