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Helene Hanff
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Sunday, June 20; Monday, June 21; Tuesday, June 22; Wednesday, June 23; Thursday, June 24; Friday, June 25; and Saturday, June 26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Back at the hotel, Ms. Hanff read an article about her arrival in London and was amused by what?
(a) The description of her.
(b) The length of the article.
(c) The language used in the article.
(d) The reporter called her chic.

2. She was hoping to stay in London for how long?
(a) At least two months.
(b) At least a year.
(c) At least six months.
(d) At least two weeks.

3. What did Ms. Hanff learn about the ceremony of the guards?
(a) They had done that every night for more than seven hundred years.
(b) They only stop at night.
(c) They had been doing this for over one thousand years.
(d) They do this every day.

4. Why did Ms. Hanff feel this way?
(a) She was afraid no one would meet her plane.
(b) She was unsure what to do when she arrived.
(c) She was upset that her penpal had died.
(d) She was happy to finally be visiting England.

5. When she returned to the hotel, Ms. Hanff found a note from Mr. Buckley inviting her to go for a ride where?
(a) To Windsor and Eton.
(b) To Slough and Luton.
(c) To Gillingham and Canterbury.
(d) To Uxbridge and Watford.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Ms. Hanff do to reassure herself they would be there?

2. Ms. Hanff had wanted to see London ever since when?

3. Ms. Hanff was embarrassed when?

4. Ms. Hunff felt this way about the other customers until when?

5. Later in the day, Ms. Hanff and Nora Doel were interviewed where?

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