Daily Lessons for Teaching The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street

Helene Hanff
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Lesson 1

Objective: In Up, Up, and Away; Thursday, June 17, Midnight; Friday, June 18; and Saturday, June 19, the reader is introduced to Ms. Hanff. This lesson will discuss this woman who is both the author and the main character in the book.

1) Class Discussion: Describe Ms. Hanff in this first section.

Small Group Activity: Why does she go on this trip, even though she has just been released from the hospital? What does this reveal about her?

Class Discussion: Discuss the students' responses. Create a KWL chart listing what is known about Ms. Hanff and what the students would like to know about Ms. Hanff. As they read the story, have them add what they have learned about her.

Individual Activity: Research a place you would like to visit. Why would you like to visit this place?

Homework: Predict Ms. Hanff's experience in London, based on this first section. Will...

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