The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street Fun Activities

Helene Hanff
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London, England

Research an historic building in London, England. Create a model of this building, and present this, along with the history of this building, to the class in a five-minute presentation.

English Poet

Choose an English poet. Research his or her work, and write your own poem using this poet's work as inspiration.

Cathedral - Murder at Canterbury (a documentary)

As the first Gothic cathedral to be built in Britain, Canterbury was at the forefront of an architectural revolution. But the building we know today has its origins in the most famous murder of the medieval age - that of Thomas Becket in December 1170. Watch this, and other documentaries from BBC2's documentary series Cathedral.

Jane Austen

Read a novel by the famous British female author. Write a summary and analysis of this book.

The British Royal Family

Research a member of the British royal family. When...

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