The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street Character Descriptions

Helene Hanff
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Helene Hanff - For twenty years, she had an ongoing correspondence with the chief buyer at a London bookstore called Marks & Co., and, after all those years, she took their correspondence and wrote a book about it called 84, Charing Cross Road, the address of the booksellers.

Pat Buckley - This character was an English friend of one of Ms. Hanff's friends and was invited to show Ms. Hanff around London.

The Colonel - This character was a fan of 84, Charing Cross Road, and worked at Heathrow Airport.

Jean Ely - This character was a friend of Ms. Hanff's from the States who she had met because of 84, Charing Cross Road.

Leo Marks and Ena Gaussen - These characters contacted Ms. Hanff soon after she arrived in London and invited her to dinner.

Reggie and Joyce Grenfell - These characters are husband and wife; the wife was an...

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