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Short Answer Questions

1. Who employed Levi?

2. Who was Elias?

3. According to Levi, which of the following is NOT a reason survivors tell their stories?

4. What happened when there was an anomaly in a roll call?

5. According to H.L., what are young Germans tired of feeling?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain the relationship between Levi and his German publisher and translator.

2. In Chapter 7, Stereotypes, Levi discusses stereotypes in regard to three aspects of survivor behavior. What are they?

3. What happened in the roll call when a prisoner was missing?

4. What is Levi's explanation for why Jews did not try to escape?

5. Why is Levi interested in corresponding with H.L., the student from Bavaria?

6. What did the roll call drills reinforce in the prisoners?

7. What did the women at Birkenau use their bowls for?

8. Describe the overall feeling of the majority of letters Levi receives.

9. Describe the relationship between Amery and Levi after liberation.

10. Why does Levi agree with Amery that believers had an easier time in the lager?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The lagers were concentration and death camps established by the Nazis so they could have slaves and exterminate the Jews. Why were the Nazis fearful that the rest of the world would learn about the lagers? What did they have to hide when Hitler's rhetoric about riding Germany of Jews was so clear?

Essay Topic 2

Why do the Nazis need or want prisoners in the lagers to be collaborators? Discuss different kinds of collaborators and how they benefited the Nazi agenda.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss some of the main issues regarding communication mentioned in the book. Make sure to touch on communication within the lager as well as the communication of survivors.

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