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Essay Topic 1

From a Nazi perspective, discuss the reasons why the lagers were a necessary part of the war.

Essay Topic 2

The lagers were concentration and death camps established by the Nazis so they could have slaves and exterminate the Jews. Why were the Nazis fearful that the rest of the world would learn about the lagers? What did they have to hide when Hitler's rhetoric about riding Germany of Jews was so clear?

Essay Topic 3

Levi states that victims and oppressors are both tormented by memories.

Part 1: Explain the kinds of memories that the victims might have and why these memories are difficult, even forty years after the fact.

Part 2: Explain why and how oppressors tend to hide from memories of their past actions.

Essay Topic 4

Why do the Nazis need or want prisoners in the lagers to be collaborators? Discuss different kinds of collaborators and how...

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