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Bob Mayer
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Short Answer Questions

1. On Day 6 of the trial, who is the 51st witness for the state?

2. What is the 67th witness' profession?

3. What is the date that jury selection begins?

4. Who does Richard Kerner interview at the house on 730 West Twelfth Street?

5. Who does Richard Kerner interview on July 11th in Paul's Valley?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Tommy Ward's unusual experience on June 20th as depicted in Chapter 10.

2. According to Bill Peterson in Chapter 17, what is the key moment in the Ward / Fontenot trial?

3. In Chapter 10, explain the two opposing views of the Denice Haraway case which are prevalent as summer begins.

4. Describe the opinion the attorneys have of Bud Wolf as described at the beginning of Chapter 13.

5. In Chapter 11, why does Charlene send Tricia Wolf two letters in August?

6. Describe the dream Tommy Ward had in prison at the end of Chapter 19.

7. Explain the testimony Don Wyatt would like to elicit from Joel Ward on Day 9 of the trial.

8. According to Judge Powers in Chapter 18, what is the most critical legal question concerning the Ward / Fontenot trial?

9. Why is the kidnapping of 29-year-old Linda Thompson important to the Denice Haraway case?

10. How does George Butner feel after playing both Tommy Ward and Karl Fontenot's confession tapes to the court in Chapter 16? Explain why he feels this way.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

If you were a criminal attorney, explain why you would or would not represent Tommy Ward in the Haraway murder trial.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the theme of obsession as related in Chapter 4 of The Dreams of Ada. Who was obsessed? What where they obsessed with? How did this obsession affect the Haraway murder case?

Essay Topic 3

Why do both Tommy Ward and Karl Fontenot confess to the murder of Denice Haraway? How do these confessions impact Ward's and Fontenot's futures, including their credibility or reliability?

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