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Bob Mayer
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is questioned by District Attorney Peterson about a blouse given to Denice Haraway as a gift?
(a) Jim Moyer.
(b) Janet Weldon.
(c) Norman Fame.
(d) Karen Wise.

2. At the end of Chapter 1, who gives police a description of the two suspects seen with Denice Haraway the night of April 28, 1984?
(a) Marie Titsworth.
(b) Karen Wise.
(c) Jannette Roberts.
(d) Dean Petterson.

3. What does the phrase "corpus delicti" in a murder case refer to?
(a) Postponement of a court session.
(b) The presence of a body.
(c) A written statement made under oath.
(d) Placed on probation.

4. Who is the gnarled black woman who is feared by the children of Ada?
(a) Linda Thompson.
(b) Nigger Sairy.
(c) Terry Hull.
(d) Melva Ward.

5. What was Ada once a haven for in its wild west days?
(a) Outlaws.
(b) Indians.
(c) Gold miners.
(d) Cowboys.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ward tells Gary Rogers to look for Denice's body in all of the following locations, EXCEPT which one?

2. What does Jim Moyer tell Karen Wise after he finishes testifying that Ward and Fontenot were the two men he had seen in McAnally's?

3. Whose favorite expression is "listen to me, runnin' my mouth ninety-to-nothin'" ?

4. Mr. and Mrs. McAnally originally offer a __________ reward for any information regarding the whereabouts of Denice Haraway.

5. What is the setting of The Dreams of Ada in Chapter 1?

Short Essay Questions

1. What six courses of action does Don Wyatt outline for Richard Kerner to pursue in Chapter 8?

2. Why is Detective Dennis Smith's theory about Denice Haraway being dumped into a manhole dismissed by the sewer department?

3. What two important items does the manager of McAnally's convenience store clean up at the end of Chapter 1? Why are these items important to the disappearance of Denice Haraway?

4. Who is Richard Kerner and what kind of relationship does he have with Don Wyatt?

5. Why do many residents in Ada have police scanners in their homes?

6. Describe Tommy Ward's relationship with his father as seen in the essay Ward wrote for Don Wyatt in Chapter 8.

7. According to Jannette Roberts, where are Tommy Ward and Karl Fontenot residing?

8. How did Tricia Ward meet Bud Wolf?

9. Why do detectives dismiss Tommy Ward as a potential suspect in the disappearance of Denice Haraway in Chapter 2?

10. Why does Tricia Wolf punch Bud Wolf in the shoulder while reading the newspaper at the end of Chapter 5?

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