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Bob Mayer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12, Trial by Jury.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who writes, "I had a dream that I was at a keg party, then poof I was sitting in a pickup with two guys and a girl"?
(a) Tommy Ward.
(b) Jason Lurke.
(c) Bud Wolf.
(d) Karl Fontenot.

2. Of all the Ward children, who is called the "runt of the litter"?
(a) Tricia Ward.
(b) Tommy Ward.
(c) Melva Ward.
(d) Joel Ward.

3. Where is Marie Titsworth when her daughter's truck is impounded?
(a) She was at Tommy Ward's house.
(b) She was at the Ada police department.
(c) Cleaning Don Wyatt's house.
(d) At the grocery store.

4. What type of pet does Miz Ward own?
(a) A fish.
(b) A goat.
(c) A cat.
(d) A bird.

5. What does Lenny Timmons need from McAnally's at the beginning of Chapter1?
(a) Cigarettes.
(b) Change.
(c) A snack.
(d) A drink.

Short Answer Questions

1. All of the following are items that Tommy Ward asks Miz Ward to bring to jail, EXCEPT for which item?

2. How much does Ben Brewer charge Bud Wolf for cutting Tommy Ward's hair in jail?

3. How does District Attorney Peterson's father die?

4. According to Judge Jones, how much do the jurors get paid per day?

5. According to Jannette Roberts, after returning home from the police station, Tommy Ward's attitude was one of __________.

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