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Bob Mayer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, Murder in the First Degree.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. All of the following names are reported to the police department as possible identities to the composite sketches, EXCEPT for which name?
(a) Tommy Wars.
(b) William Paley.
(c) Marty Ashley.
(d) Billy Charley.

2. Who is Barney Ward?
(a) An Ada police officer.
(b) Tommy Ward's uncle.
(c) Tommy Ward's brother.
(d) A lawyer.

3. What does the narrator state is the purpose of the short bill of aggravated circumstances that is added to the charges put against Ward and Fontenot?
(a) To permit Don Wyatt to release Ward and Fontenot from jail.
(b) To permit Ward and Fontenot the right to seek an attorney.
(c) To permit the district attorney to seek life in prison.
(d) To permit the district attorney to seek the death penalty.

4. According to the narrator, how long have Steve and Denice Haraway been married?
(a) 8 years.
(b) 8 weeks.
(c) 8 months.
(d) 8 days.

5. Which Commandment from the Bible does Tommy Ward quote?
(a) The Seventh Commandment.
(b) The First Commandment.
(c) The Tenth Commandment.
(d) The Sixth Commandment.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the title of the sermon that is to be delivered at the Church of Christ, directly across the street from Maxine and C.L's house?

2. Jesse Ward dies from __________.

3. Who decides to defend Tommy Ward in the Denice Haraway murder trial?

4. According to Karl Fontenot, where does he work in Chapter 2?

5. Why does the young man in the orange pickup truck flee from police in Chapter 1?

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